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For some, Acupuncture can seem seriously daunting.

This finessed, painless (promise) needling work is tailored to each patient’s unique set of health concerns. We’re talking the whole shebang: fertility and pregnancy concerns, immune system conditions, digestive disorders and a whole lot more. If you’ve always been intrigued but unsure about the world of fine needling, let’s walk you through it.

We’ve all seen, heard or wondered about acupuncture. But what is it, really?

Acupuncture is the meticulous insertion of petite needles into specific points on the body to carry out a response that initiates healing, balance, recovery and repair.

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Your practitioner will run over your main health priorities, history findings, any other present concerns, pulse and tongue diagnosis before mapping out your bespoke acupuncture treatment plan. Specific body points are then chosen according to your post-consultation diagnosis. Then, each following session will include a follow-up assessment and further acupuncture where necessary. Each session could be composed of different treatment styles, based on your mood and body-feel on that given day. Basically, we go with your flow.


During treatments you can feel a slight buzz, sense of calm, deep relaxation or a change in emotions and this is your body's way of carrying out it's healing process which can be different in each session.

Poor acupuncture, so misunderstood! Acupuncture, when administered correctly, should be 100% pain-free. Instead, your body should feel a different sort of sensation from the insertion of the needles. It will recognise a change and respond accordingly. This could manifest in tingling, dull or electrical fleeting feelings. They’re completely normal, and might majorly differ between you and the next gal.​

Does acupuncture hurt?