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This finessed, painless (promise) needling work is tailored to each patient’s unique set of health concerns. We’re talking the whole shebang:

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If you’ve always been intrigued but unsure about the

world of fine needling, let’s walk you through it.

First things first!


Your practitioner will run over your main health priorities, history findings, any other present concerns, pulse and tongue diagnosis before mapping out your bespoke acupuncture treatment plan.


Specific body points are then chosen according to your post-consultation diagnosis.


During treatments you can feel a slight buzz, sense of calm, deep relaxation or a change in emotions and this is your body's way of carrying out it's healing process which can be different in each session.


Then, each following session will include a follow-up assessment and further acupuncture where necessary. Each session could be composed of different treatment styles, based on your mood and body-feel on that given day. Basically, we go with your flow.

Acu Nap

Feelin Zen

  • Can I do the course If I'm scheduled for an IVF cycle?
    It is definitely best to do this program 3 months away from your IVF cycle to prime your body for the best possible chance to hold the conception. If you are booked in for a 1-2 months away for your IVF cycle then you can always do a private 1:1 coaching with Casey to get help straight away if you are really wanting help.
  • Do I need to have regular periods to start this program?
    That's what this program is all about is to get your hormones back to balance so you can have a healthy menstrual cycle. This program can help you to get back your period and get your fertile
  • Do I need to be in a heterosexual relationship to do this program?
    No you don't need to be! This program is for any woman who wants to achieve optimal health whether they are wanting to have a natural conception or go down the Donor route. We just want you to feel the best version of yourself and get your health primed ready for whatever fertility journey you go down.
  • When does the program start?
    Can start anytime you are ready!
  • What if I have PCOS, Endometriosis or Abnormal Periods, Can I still take part in the Program?"
    You most certainly can. In this program you may find that your symptoms of your conditions lessen. There will be extra content along the way for those who may have some of these conditions but If you are feeling you need extra guidance then it would be strongly recommended you have an online 1:1 coaching call with Casey to get the best information for your particular case.
  • What is included in the 12 weeks?
    Weekly acupuncture appointments with our Chinese Medicine Doctors Complimentary batch of herbs each month to assist you throughout your fertility 1 x complimentary relaxation massage to get you feeling incredible!
  • How is much is the program?
    $1,350 all inclusive of acupuncture treatments, 1x batch of herbs each month and a relaxation massage. Payments can be made in full or split over 3 months.

Schedule your appointment online or email us

We are available for in-clinic & virtual appointments six days a week, with appointment times available all day.

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