(Aka, Acu- Facials)

Fancy a no-nasties treatment for your visage?

 In the age of the skin care zeitgeist, we’re all pining for that post-holiday, radiant, lit-from-within glow. And we’re realising beauty is something that can’t be scrubbed or wiped off. This is why the foundation of our face (aka, our skin) is what matters most. This facial works to pump up your collagen production (yes, please), soften and blur acne scarring, juice up and elasticise your skin, improve cellular hydration and brighten your complexion. Above all else, we want you to fall madly, deeply in love with the skin you’re in.

"We believe in treating your skin from within with a few extra needles on the outside"


So, Here's the deal:

Cosmetic acupuncture works to reduce wrinkles, eliminating acne and scarring, buffing out fine lines and lifting droopy skin, as well as improving your skin colour and texture without use of any harsh chemicals. Here at Meraki, we hero the process of ageing, and help you do it your way, rather than try to fight it. After all, it’s a treasure to be able to live well and grow old. 

You will be guided through your

facial treatment from start to finish.​

First, we’ll kick off with a beautiful facial massage, replete with organic products to suit your skin needs. (Cue relaxation time).


Then, we’ll follow it up with facial gua sha (that’s absurdly soothing jade or rose quartz massaging), cupping and rolling if required.


Teenie tiny, fine, and seriously pain-free (we promise) needles are then inserted along specific points along the face and body, releasing energy and those coveted, feel-good endorphins. How? The petite needles stimulate blood flow and cellular re-growth, producing collagen and utilising your body’s magnificent natural healing processes.




Note: no fillers are used during the treatment and you are guided by a trained cosmetic acupuncturist.

During your initial assessment, we’ll chat all things skin and put a thorough treatment plan in place. Take-home, easy-to-remember advice will also be given to support you during your treatments. An example of a treatment plan could be anywhere from 1-3 treatments per week for 5 weeks to kickstart your skin rejuvenation. 

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Acne + Acne Scarring

Pigmentation + Uneven Skintone

Crows Feet

Tension in the face

Dullness + Droopy Skin

Preventative Anti-ageing 

Sallow Cheeks

Conditions we treat

Expect copious relaxation, soothing music, and glowing, radiant skin that you can feel fabulous in.

Glow get ‘em, girl.


Grab the Meraki  face map ebook

We’ve ALL been there with an angry jawline of PMS pimples or watched a grizzly breakout ensure from (10) too many cocktails on a girls night. Let’s learn the language of face mapping, so you can lovingly embrace and look after the skin you’re livin’ in.

Facial mapping Ebook

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