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Fact: Lockdown feels a little harder the second time around. Maybe it’s taking a toll on your skin (argh) or is to blame for some muscle aches and flares.

Consider this a friendly memo that Meraki is still open and doing absolutely everything to ensure our haven remains a safe space of escapism, downtime and stillness for all Melburnians. Chinese Medicine is an essential service.

How? We’re rigorously adhering to the guidelines given to us:

Due Melbourne's strict guidelines with allied healthcare, and only being able to treat emergency situations, we felt that we could provide our quality services to online appointments. We know it's different, but we wanted to ensure you that you get everything that you would in our face to face treatments but without the needles!

Our appointments will go through telehealth, where we can support you through herbal therapy, lifestyle consultations, facial products, dietary advice and more!

Please do book your appointments online as usual, and we look forward to speaking to you (and hopefully seeing you) soon!

We want you to feel relaxed and confident in your appointments with the Meraki studio. If you have any queries or qualms, please reach out to us for a chat. Until then, we’ll keep doing our absolute best to offer you some beautiful consistency, solace and sanctuary during lockdown 2.0 (and on the other side).

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