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The Fertility Primer Program

A step by step roadmap to making your body a

temple for fertility. 


The fertility primer program is a one of a kind program that not only shows you exactly

what you need to know for your fertility - but how to get your body to it’s most

optimal level of health for conception.

Before I tell you all about this transformational program, let’s talk about who this is really for...

You’re an independent woman with a desire to have a family of your own and ready to do what it takes to create the best and healthiest version of yourself that allows you to live a more balanced life, feel confident in your health and have a fertile body ready for conception.

Whether you’re...


A woman in their late 20s who’s thinking about wanting children in the next few years that knows creating a healthier lifestyle now will only benefit her later on without having the overwhelm. 


A woman who is tired of not knowing where to start to balance her hormones and fully aware that she is capable of creating the changes needed for her health in order to achieve balance.


A woman who is thinking of doing IVF in the next 6 months because she is not sure at age 35 if she can conceive naturally but wants to give herself the best possible chance to reduce any unwanted interventions.


You’re in the right place and I’m going to tell you exactly how The fertility primer program will give you

the tools, inspiration and undenying support on your journey to priming your health for fertility

​By the end of this program,

you will have:

Nailed down your menstrual cycle (instead of just spending another month not sure what is going on)

Validate that you are ovulating each month to make sure you are fertile and ready for the best chances of conception.

Implemented a new way of healthy habits to give yourself and your future baby the best possible chance of a healthy pregnancy and a healthy life.

Developed easy ways to encourage you and your partner to have more fun in the bedroom.

Crafted your own unique way of moving your body that feels right to where you are in your menstrual cycle. 


Leveraged a mix of mindfulness and relaxation techniques to ensure you are living a balanced life on a day to day basis.

I honestly cannot say enough great things about Casey! I started seeing Casey over a year ago, for women's health and because my fiance and I were trying for a baby.


She is very attentive and makes you feel like you're the only person she is treating! I felt results straight away. And even better than that, in July this year I got pregnant!!!

- Amy M

Successful Case Study

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A Case Study


A woman in her early 30s came to see me for fertility help before she was thinking of going through IVF. Through dietary changes, understanding her cycle and having the support she needed over 12 weeks she became pregnant with a beautiful baby boy and didn't need to do IVF!

A client who came to me for acupuncture treatment and online support

A Case Study

A woman who went through 3 failed IVF cycles came to see me for support with her hormones. After 6 months of supporting her through her lifestyle and addressing some changes in her diet, she fell pregnant in her next IVF round with a healthy baby and a healthy pregnancy.. 

A client who came to me for acupuncture treatment and online support

What's Inside the Fertility Primer Program?


Your Hormones & your Menstrual Cycle

Here’s why it pays to learn from someone who’s gone before you - I know exactly where most women get stuck when trying to balance their hormones and get pregnant. In this module we’re going to nail down everything you need to know about your menstrual cycle to save you from the overwhelm later. 


I’ll start setting you up for your healthy cycle success by laying everything out on the table for you from ovulation signs to balancing unhappy hormones to save you the time from  googling the “what ifs” or “how to's” trying to piece it all together.


You’re going to get the fast track roadmap to your cycle and the inside scoop to any menstrual concerns that could be getting in your way of conceiving naturally. 


Finally you’ll walk away from this module feeling so much more confident about your body and how you can achieve a healthy cycle.



Discover everything you need to know about your       menstrual cycle from ovulation to unhappy hormones so you can make the right choices BEFORE getting pregnant.


You’ll be saved from the tiresome googling knowing that you have all the right information about all women’s health concerns at your hands​

Have a mapped out plan on feeling confident in your body and in your cycle.

Being healthy is your fertility (5).png


Everything food & Nutrition

Things you don't need to be embarrassed

This will be one of the most important modules we will go over as I know from past experiences and my studies in Chinese Medicine, that food is medicine. In this module you will get a guide to optimising your nutrition so you can implement action straight away and start feeling and getting healthier for your fertility.


I’ll start by empowering you with information about the value of food and what types of food is essential for your womb and your life. Here you will also get information around the best supplements to have if you need the extra support before trying to conceive. 


You’re going to have TOTAL clarity of what you put in your body you will also get out of it. It is in this time you will start to see the changes in your energy, sleep, mind and body when taking these actionable steps of change.




Get totally clarity around the sources and types of food that is essential for your fertility journey.


Discover the value of different foods and how they can optimise the health for you, your partner and your future baby!

Realise the changes in your health from sleeping better, having more energy and better menstrual cycles having implemented the healthier changes in your diet.


Mindset & Mindfulness

Ever heard of the fight or flight response? This is part of what we go through in this module. Uncovering the stressors in our lives that can affect our fertility health. 


We’ll start by understanding how these can affect our health in many different ways and how we can tackle them head on to get you back to living a balanced lifestyle. You’re going to get a list of mindfulness strategies for your own disposal so you can sustain a more relaxed state of being. 


With a bit of science meets energetics in this module you will be fully aware of what is going to work for you in your own time to create a sense of calm for yourself.



Understanding what stress is in modern society today and how it can affect our fertility journey


Having a go-to mindfulness strategy list to get you feeling good on the daily.


Unpacking any fears around fertility and pregnancy to up level your mindset

Things you don't need to be embarrassed


Creating a Balanced Lifestyle

Being healthy is your fertility (4) copy

This is a big module, and definitely an important one as we dive deep into exercising throughout your cycle, the importance of sleep, healthy sex and your partners involvement in your fertility journey. 


I’ll get your partners involved in one way shape or form as we talk about the importance of having both of you on board in optimising your health for your conception. After all it takes two to tango! 


You’re going to also understand why creating space for your future baby will be an essential overwhelm saver for later on when baby does arrive in your life.



Discovering the importance of sleep, healthy sex, exercise within your cycle and having your partner on board with you will make this journey a lot more easier and fun.


Knowing it takes two to tango when wanting to conceive so there will be many tips for your partner to get on board with you. More the merrier!


Creating space in your life will help with your balance and vitality internally

When you enrol during this