Herbal Therapy


Curated, take-home botanicals to alleviate the grim grips of period pain, PMS, menopause, hormone imbalances, skin concerns, cold and flu symptoms, gut issues and myriad other qualms. Integrating these glorious herbal healers into your everyday routine can instil a sense of ritual.

​To gauge which helpful herbs are right for you, we’ll meet to go through a thorough (but relaxed) assessment of your unique health fingerprint. This involves a pulse and tongue diagnosis to address any of your concerns and imbalances in the body, followed by detailing which tailored herbal formula you can guzzle, sip or quaff as a tea. Although you may not like the taste as much as your daily cup of English Brekky, you will love the results they give, and might even find solace in this new sense of routine.

Beautiful Chinese Medicine botanicals are the heroes of our herbal therapies.


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