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Reiki Healing

This non-invasive energy healing modality involves placing the hands in a series of positions over or above the body, allowing energy to continuously flow through you. Reiki promotes healing by transmuting and transporting energy throughout the body that will allow it to heal naturally, all while immersing you in a zen-like, relaxed state. 

Just like meditation, reiki has a flurry of

health & wellbeing benefits.

Soothes the Nervous System

Provides Clarity

Reduces Stress Levels

Reduces Pain & Irritation

Creates More  Blood Flow

Energy Healing Melbourne.jpg

Boosts Mood

Builds Connection

Re-energises the body

Helps Detoxify

Softens Anxiety

What to expect in your reiki Healing


We’ll talk through any issues you’d like to work on and flesh out. We just ask you to come with an open mind!


You’ll then be asked to lie down and sprawl out on the table, fully-clothed if you'd like, with a soft blanket over the top of you (for maximum cosiness) and a small mask covering your eyes.


You’ll be welcomed into a beautiful meditation, guided by soothing background music to promote that ultimate level of relaxation and connection whilst our energy healers work their magic. Throughout your session, crystals, oils and herbs might be used enhance further healing, harmony and bliss.


It's also very common for people to doze off. We welcome it, and are thrilled to support such a relaxing space for you. Treatments can be as long as 50 minutes to an hour, depending on your own bespoke healing treatment. 


You’ll be guided back into awareness towards the end of your session, then given the opportunity to reflect with your reiki healer on your experience and set any goals you might have for next time. Generally, no acupuncture needles are present in Reiki, however your practitioner will discuss with you if they should be considered in your healing journey. 

Meet Our Energy Workers

Reiki Healing fitzroy.jpg

Kaitlyn Trollope

Reiki Healer + Spinal Energetics

Specialises trauma release, finding clarity and stress relief

Qualified Sound Healer

Casey Dorman

Reiki Healer + Chinese Medicine Doctor & Acupuncturist

Specialises in Stress + Anxiety relief. Finding life purpose & Clarity

Casey Dorman.jpg

Schedule your appointment online or email us

We are available for in-clinic & virtual appointments six days a week, with appointment times available all day.

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