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Virtual Consultations

Heard of us, but don't live in Melbourne? Feeling unwell? No problem, virtual consultations are the perfect way to offer you that renowned 360 support, just as you would receive in person.  Meraki Virtual wellness sessions are an opportunity to have that feel-good connection with your Chinese Medicine practitioner, where no topic is off the table.


First, you will be sent an email reminder with a link to your virtual appointment. Clicking this link at the time of your appointment time will bring up a video screen so we can see each other. 


We then will go over your initial assessment, take deep dive into your health history, doing a friendly audit on your past wellness woes and future goals (bespoke to you).


Then, we’ll follow it up with tailored advice on how to progress to your health goals and make you feel better.


This could look like the following; Tailored herbal formulas,​ Dietary suggestions, A curated, dream mix of tailored vitamins and supplements, bang-on for your bodyMovement advice, sans shaming or critiquing, Acupressure guidance, so you can do your best at home

What does a online consult look like with us?

Schedule your appointment online or email us

We are available for in-clinic & virtual appointments six days a week, with appointment times available all day.

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