Welcome to Meraki Virtual.

We spend a lot of our precious time online, be it for work or scrolling through myriad voice memos from a girlfriend. (Guilty as charged). And as much as we resist it, the ‘hologram’ world we live in and the digital lives we lead are super hard to switch off from. Meraki Virtual wellness consultations isn’t here to say digital chats are better than those intimate, vis-a-vis catch ups. Nah-uh.

Get Meraki Health and Wellness from the comfort of your home or anywhere in the world.

What's included?

We’re so jazzed to offer a virtual extension of our physical haven to act as a retreat from afar, for whenever and wherever you need us. Maybe your schedule is at max capacity, you’re moving interstate or you simply prefer a good check-in from the comfort of your own abode. Sit in the Soft Office (read: bed) if you feel like it on the day. Whatever the mood, we’re so here for it. 


Whether it’s a heavy workload or a heavy mental load, we’re really not here to judge. We are here to trial, test and openly talk through the following fixer-uppers:


    Tailored herbal formulas

    Dietary suggestions

    A curated, dream mix of tailored vitamins and supplements, bang-on for your body

    Movement advice, sans shaming or critiquing


    Acupressure guidance, so you can do your best at home


    Breathwork and meditation techniques, for some much-needed introspection and mind-soothing

    Oh, and we always get our stalker on with a deep dive into your health history, doing a friendly audit on your      past wellness woes and future goals (bespoke to you).

Online appointments are in Australian Eastern Standard Time.

Please note appointments are pre-paid when you book online.

Just a couple more things


Go on. Drop us a line, girl.

Want to chat? Have a gander at our haven? Learn more about Casey? Good news: we’re always up for a yarn, phone call or email. And if you want to have a ponder on the gram, then check her out.


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