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Back Pain just ain't the way.

Let’s just say getting back pain for anyone is not fun! 

And about two weeks ago I woke up and found myself over the day getting worse and worse in back. 

Nothing triggered it, nothing physically triggered it…..

Over the many years I’ve had a 3-4 hiccups with my back, usually in those times I could pin point an action I was doing and usually it was related to sports of heavy lifting (yes back in the day I was a crossfitter - guilty!)

But this time I knew it was the tip of the camel’s back situation. 

I’m in a point in my life where i’m deciding on the next steps of me in my fertility, my business and what that means when I lean into motherhood - how does it all look?

When I reflect on these decisions i’ve been mulling on - I was “mulling” on them for way too long and never sifted through it, got help, the support or took the time to allow myself to get clarity on it all.

Then POP goes my back (well maybe not a pop, but definitely a nana back - Yikes!)

Usually in the past I would get a treatment and then 1-2 days later the back resolved and went away. This time however, i’ve had a lingering tension in my spine where I know that there could be something more to it. I’m not quite sure yet, i’m still in the physical discovery stage. 

What I have done for my back to get me back to 85% me, is get the support from others that will help me physically, emotionally and spiritually. 

Afterall, Pain is the body’s way of telling you something is off. This can be spiritual/emotional. And in Chinese Medicine we always look into the emotions - it can be a good indication of how well the body is flowing or not flowing. 

I know for me energetically my back is trying to pull me backwards to keep me still because i’ve been putting my attention too far forwards, worrying too much about what is going to happen when i’m on maternity leave that I didn’t allow myself to simply “just be” Even though that’s exactly what I needed to do, I somehow got into old patterns of actioning way too many things at one time. 

I have received acupuncture treatments from the team at Meraki, Osteopathy treatment from om osteopathy and my brother (who is also an osteopath), Kinesiology treatment and a spinal energetics session. 

All within 2 weeks - Can you tell I wanted to resolve it? 

I knew something had to change, something was off and I was out of alignment. 

Now that I have had these session - I feel upright, stronger, safer, aligned, clear and simply just being in my body because of having them all. Getting the valuable insights/wisdom from each healer and also the release and support my body needed. I’m so grateful to everyone who has helped me from being at 10% to 85% in two weeks - I’m honestly so grateful!

The next on the list is to keep up weekly physical treatments, daily fascia release, MRI scan (want to nut out anything sinister if there is anything) and keep doing my daily practices of calm - Meditation!

I want to clarify that i’ve always practiced what i’ve preached, I’ve always been into looking after myself but as being a human myself with belief systems/ subconscious patterns they tend to come up when we are approached by “life lessons” - Go figure! So this is just mine to re-assess and enjoy the ride!

Please feel free to reach out anytime if you are finding yourself going through similar patterns - we are always here to help guide you. 


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