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Our practitioners embody the heart, mind and soul behind Meraki Holistic Health.  We don't believe in a quick-fix along your health journey, and we're sure that wherever you're headed, you'll need support from experienced practitioners to achieve your goals. 


Meet the team

Casey Dorman

With a depth of experience in her field, Casey beautifully translates the complex world of holistic wellness and Chinese medicine so that it's palatable and relatable to her clients. Her primary offerings are acupuncture (both cosmetic and energetic), natural fertility treatments (men, you’re welcome here, too), and hypnobirthing, and she’s helped hundreds of women with hormonal imbalances, menstrual concerns and assisting in pregnancy care. She’s an expert in women’s health, and she educates her clients on how to approach their health journey with a more holistic view. 

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Doctor of Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture

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Lisa Schaeffer

Doctor of Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture

Lisa is a vibrant and passionate practitioner of Chinese Medicine building up from the basic pillars of health. She has a grounded approach to wellness, working diligently with clients to educate and unravel the complexities of their health to achieve a greater quality of life.


A powerful personal experience with Chinese Medicine in her youth has inspired Lisa to work in the women’s health field, focussing on hormonal health, mental health, pain management and dermatology. She is on a mission to share her knowledge and empower the next generation of lady-bosses to flourish!

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Rebekah Loh

Doctor of Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture

Qualified in acupuncture and herbal medicine, Rebekah is our globetrotting Chinese Medicine practitioner. From internships in Asia to performing acupuncture while sailing across the Atlantic, she has a world of experience.

A sensitive soul herself, she's committed to making acupuncture accessible and comfortable for all. Her calm and gentle technique will make even the most complex issues approachable. She's passionate in empowering individuals in their health and wellbeing.

Her expertise is pain management, women's health, fertility, and IVF support, and pregnancy support. Having completed her advanced fertility support diploma she has a special interest in treating frequent miscarriages and reproductive immunology. 

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Lauren Sheriden

Myotherapist + Massage Therapist

Lauren is a Remedial Massage Therapist + Myotherapist, and has worked as a yoga and movement teacher for almost ten years. In that time, she has helped her beloved clients create structural and biomechanical improvements in the body, while educating on how intelligent movement can impact a person's wellbeing. 


Lauren has a special interest in pregnancy massage, after experiencing the benefits of massage treatment as part of her antenatal and postpartum care during both of her pregnancies. Her holistic treatments are deeply rejuvenating, offering her clients an opportunity to destress & unwind, and leaving feeling restored and relaxed. 

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Kaitlyn Trollope

Reiki Healer | Spinal Energetics

Kaitlyn is an energy healer specialising in Reiki, womb healing and intuitive card readings. Her intentions are grounded in connection, abundance for all, and intuition, and she weaves her sessions with compassion, holding space for her clients to heal.

After building a reiki practice of her own for a number of years, Kaitlyn felt drawn to support others with her empathic and instinctual nature. She aims to guide her clients by creating more connection and clarity in their healing journey.

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Steph Tonkin

Receptionist | Marketing Lead

Steph is a warm fuzzy hug energy that welcomes you as soon as you come into our space. She will make you feel right at home whilst bringing in some good chats if you are feeling the urge to communicate.

Not only does Steph does reception duties for us but also helps show who we are through our socials - head on over the meraki.holistichealth to check it out. 

Schedule your appointment online or email us

We are available for in-clinic & virtual appointments six days a week, with appointment times available all day.

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Freya Campbell- Baker

Holistic Massage Therapist | Yoga Instructor

Freya is compassionate holistic massage therapist with a genuine passion for nurturing both body and soul. With a knack for creating a tranquil vibe, Freya's hands possess an innate ability to channel relaxation, making her renowned for her indulgent relaxation massages. What truly sets her apart, however, is her special focus on guiding individuals through life's challenging moments. Drawing from her expertise, Freya's soothing touch becomes a powerful tool in helping people navigate stress and uncertainty, providing a haven of relief and rejuvenation. 

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