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Our practitioners embody the heart, mind and soul behind Meraki Holistic Health.  We don't believe in a quick-fix along your health journey, and we're sure that wherever you're headed, you'll need support from experienced practitioners to achieve your goals. Each of our lovely ladies are bring a wealth of knowledge in Chinese Medicine and Eastern philosophies, beautifully harmonised with contemporary healing modalities in a more western approach.


Meet the team

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We're a woman-owned and led business, but all are welcome here. We strive to give you a moment of sanctitude, where you feel safe and supported, and we bring our infectious good vibes to every treatment!

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Casey Dorman

With a depth of experience in her field, Casey beautifully translates the complex world of holistic wellness and Chinese medicine so that it's palatable and relatable to her clients. Her primary offerings are acupuncture (both cosmetic and energetic), natural fertility treatments (men, you’re welcome here, too), and hypnobirthing, and she’s helped hundreds of women with hormonal imbalances, menstrual concerns and assisting in pregnancy care. She’s an expert in women’s health, and she educates her clients on how to approach their health journey with a more holistic view. 

As the founder of Meraki Holistic Health, you’ll find Casey at the clinic with a big smile, welcoming her community with open arms. On off days she’s baking goodies in the kitchen, or practicing mindful movement at her local gym or studio. 

She fuses warmth and authenticity with passion and professionalism, and you'll love her candid banter - no topic is off the table in her space! Wherever you are in your health journey, Casey is here to support you in achieving even your biggest goals (BHAG's anyone?) while deepening your mind-body-soul connection.

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Rebekah Loh

Rebekah is a Chinese Medicine practitioner qualified in acupuncture, and herbal medicine. She first realised her calling when fate aligned and she enrolled in Chinese Medicine instead of starting a Masters in research. Her expertise lies in pain management, women's health, fertility and IVF support, and pregnancy support. Having completed her advanced fertility support diploma she has a special interest in treating frequent miscarriages and reproductive immunology. 


An intrepid explorer, Chinese medicine has taken Rebekah all over the globe. From internships in China and Taiwan, to working on cruise ships sailing around from the Mediterranean to the Caribbean. Her latest adventure has been a 2 year stint in the UK, where she ran a successful clinic in the midst of a pandemic. 


She loves a good hike up a mountain, a fun boogie, sharing meals with loved ones and forcing cuddles on her pet cat. She is truly passionate about empowering individuals in their health and wellbeing. With her empathetic and gentle nature, she’s always there to listen. Rebekah loves getting her detective hat on and will patiently make sense of your signs and symptoms.


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Lisa Schaeffer

Lisa is a vibrant and passionate practitioner of Chinese Medicine building up from the basic pillars of health. She has a grounded approach to wellness, working diligently with clients to educate and unravel the complexities of their health to achieve a greater quality of life.


A powerful personal experience with Chinese Medicine in her youth has inspired Lisa to work in the women’s health field, focussing on hormonal health, mental health, pain management and dermatology. She is on a mission to share her knowledge and empower the next generation of lady-bosses to flourish!


Treatments with Lisa involve an intuitive combination of acupuncture, herbal medicine, lifestyle and dietary advice, with a sprinkle of TLC. Her clients leave calmer, more connected to their bodies and motivated on their own health journey.


When she’s not at the clinic, you’ll find her at the Preston Market, a climbing gym or out in nature on a hike in her barefoot shoes!

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Lauren Sheridan

Lauren is a Remedial Massage Therapist + Myotherapist, and has worked as a yoga and movement teacher for almost ten years. In that time, she has helped her beloved clients create structural and biomechanical improvements in the body, while educating on how intelligent movement can impact a person's wellbeing. 


Lauren has a special interest in pregnancy massage, after experiencing the benefits of massage treatment as part of her antenatal and postpartum care during both of her pregnancies. Her holistic treatments are deeply rejuvenating, offering her clients an opportunity to destress & unwind, and leaving feeling restored and relaxed. 


In a session with Lauren, you'll experience her soothing energy, as well as learn from her profound understanding of the human body. She believes that massage can not only relieve tension and pain but increase mobility and freedom of movement.


Kaitlyn Trollope

Kaitlyn is an energy healer specialising in Reiki, womb healing and intuitive card readings. Her intentions are grounded in connection, abundance for all, and intuition, and she weaves her sessions with compassion, holding space for her clients to heal.

After building a reiki practice of her own for a number of years, Kaitlyn felt drawn to support others with her empathic and instinctual nature. She aims to guide her clients by creating more connection and clarity in their healing journey.

A session with Kaitlyn is intuitively guided and will be tailored to what you need on the day. Treatments might include essential oils, crystals, an oracle card reading, sound healing, meditation, affirmations or light massage. Her sessions are a magical experience that offer you the opportunity to cleanse the tensions of day-to-day life and return home to your body.

A beautiful bunch of blooms, singing loudly in her kitchen and a good acai bowl are just some of things that spark joy for Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn is passionate about nurturing your most authentic nature, and you’ll leave her sessions feeling empowered and aligned. Whether it’s your first encounter with Reiki or you’ve found your way back to the table, you are welcome here.

We have aligned friends in our space who we love and adore so much that we want you to meet them too!

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