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From the yin water rabbit to the yang water dragon.

As lunar new year quickly approaches, the last days of the yin water rabbit year offers us opportunities for reflection. It may show up through a re-surfacing of old patterns, fears and attachments you have been outgrowing in 2023. This is a chance to solidify and ground your growth. Reflect on your progress before we enter the year of the dragon.Majestic and lucky, dragons love to chill in the clouds which adds to their mystery. But at their core, they are characterized by their bravery, creativity, and innovation.

They have confidence, independence, and vision. Once a dragon is set on their goals, they’ll fearlessly pursue it.

So what will the dragon energy bring for us in 2024?

In the Chinese horoscope, this year is predicted to be full of opportunities for personal growth, professional success, and social impact. Big D(ragon) Energy!

The wood dragon is the most creative and visionary of the 5 dragons.

They are optimistic and ambitious which makes them great at being adaptable. and has the gift of being a visionary. Wood akin to trees represents growth. Wood is also the mother of the Fire element. So it can create passion, creativity, and invention, and introduce new things. So this year brings new starts, great beginnings, growth, and prosperity. We’ll see the rise of visionary leaders, innovators, and problem solvers. You might have had a project on the back burner. A side hobby you’ve been dreaming of making your full-time hustle.

This is a great year to explore new opportunities and create value for yourself. With great power comes great responsibility...

The Wood Dragon, characterized by its power and charisma, infuses energy, creativity, and innovation into its surroundings. Nevertheless, its nature can also bring about unpredictability, impulsiveness, and demands.

So here are some intentions you can bring to 2024 to awaken and align your inner dragon successfully.

  1. Embrace the dragon lifestyle

The Wood Dragon lurrrrves change and exploring new experiences. So grab on to it’s horns and take it all in. Instead of resisting and clinging to established routines, open your heart and enjoy the rush. Embrace different perspectives, allowing room for personal growth and even tap into hidden talents or passions.

2. Respect the dragon

Like a hippogriff, the Wood Dragon exhibits assertiveness and dominance. This may lead to conflicts with those that have different views or goals to you. However, if you approach these conflicts with the intention of harmony you create opportunities for success. In the wise words of Vanilla Ice “Alright stop, collaborate and listen”.

3. Unleash the creative dragon

Being a visionary the Wood Dragon revels in creativity and innovation. Fearlessly tap into your imagination, and think outside the box. This fresh perspective may birth inventive solutions or improvements to your circumstances. Creativity is infectious so share your insights and creations to inspire others.

4. Be a balanced dragon

Despite all it’s power, creativity, amazing-ness, the wood dragon does tend to live life in excess. This can manifest as wastefulness and indulgence. Strive for a balanced approach in spending, eating, drinking, and working.

Be mindful and nurture the dynamic between your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.Your future is what you make it, so go forth courageously. Lean into the energy the wood dragon brings and open your life to all it has to offer, because what if it works out even better than you imagined. 


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