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Labour Induction - No Medications Needed

For all your preggy ladies...... This one is for you.

Here is some insight in to how acupuncture can stimulate labour without having to have hormones or medication injected in to you to induce your labour.

Many of you will be told that you need to be induced by your obstetrician due to a number of reasons, one being the baby is not coming out any time soon and another could be the weight of the baby either too small or big. In this case Inducing labour with acupuncture is most effective for the preggy ladies that are delayed in giving birth.

Through certain acupuncture points this can help to stimulate the pelvic floor to mimic contractions - this does not hurt you though! You will find that whole treatment is actually really relaxing for you due to acupuncture's calming effects on the body and mind.

You will find that acupuncture needles will be inserted in specific regions on the foot, ankles, sacrum and hands to stimulate the production of blood flow, this will then stimulate your muscles to contract ato start encouraging the little baby to move in a downwards direction.

The sacral points are specifically to "mimic" contractions to start getting your mind and body used to the feeling for the real contractions later.

Generally women that are in their 37th week should start seeking acupuncture treatment to ensure the smooth flow of each treatment and can ease their bodies in to the transition of labour. Coming in at 39-40 weeks is fine also but if you are a stressed out pregnant women and a little nervous than coming in earlier will help you best. Treatments are once per week and then in the 39th-40th week will consist of two - three treatments depending on the transition of your baby. Each treatment you will be lying down for up to 25 minutes with the needles retained in for the whole time.

And all of this is natural, no drugs and is pain free!

Email or Book online to help your bubba come along naturally.



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