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Jade Facial Roller


  • So, uh, what exactly is Facial Rolling?

    We’re glad you asked. Facial rollers are tantalising tools used in ancient chinese medicine methods. Rolling the stone on the face is designed to encourage blood circulation and cellular rejuvenation for your precious visage, promoting plumpness, glow and cherubic charm (which we love). 


    This facial wand is crafted with a superb Jade Stone, which is said to encourage purification, brightness and cooling of angry, irritable skin. Best part? This gem is suitable for all ages and skin types (and will never run out).


    Here’s why facial rolling is a bloody good thing: 

    This clever tool  is a major high-achiever with an impressive list of accolades. It helps activate that lymphatic system, allowing the body to discard toxins, reduce puffiness, combat water retention and reduce dark circles around the eyes (thank god), giving you healthier, bouncier skin. As you revel in your fave facial oils or serums, you can simply integrate some roller action to enhance the penetration of the products into the skin, promoting that J-LO glow effect. Result. 


    What's included?

    Your new facial fanfare will come complete with directions and care instructions, all tucked into a luxuriously packaged box. You can stash your tool in this box for travel or some glorious bathroom ephemera. 



    The size and colour of your tool may vary due to the nature of stone. Aka, every piece is fabulously unique. 

    When cleaning the products, make sure to use mild soap and water to clean off any excess oil and pesky bacteria.

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