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Rose Quartz Gua Sha Tool

  • What is Facial Gua Sha? Please explain! 

    Good question, gal! Facial Gua Sha is an ancient chinese method that massages a dazzling rose quartz tool into the face to increase blood circulation, release muscular tension, relax the facial muscles, and help drain lymph nodes, making you feel lighter, brighter and lifted. The dream, right? Rose quartz also has a reputation for instilling routines of self love and opening the heart space. 


    Why Gua Sha is a godsend: 

    Gua Sha has the ability to sculpt and tone facial muscles (kinda like pilates for your face), smooth out fine lines, wrinkles, drain the lymph nodes, relax facial tension and increase blood flow to hydrate thirsty skin. Oh, and good news: Gua Sha is beneficial to ALL skin types and ages, so nobody’s missing out on the magic. 


    What's included?

    Your new facial fanfare will come complete with directions and care instructions, all tucked into a luxuriously packaged box. You can stash your tool in this box for travel or some glorious bathroom ephemera. 



    The size and colour of your tool may vary due to the nature of stone. Aka, every piece is fabulously unique. 

    When cleaning the products, make sure to use mild soap and water to clean off any excess oil and pesky bacteria.

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