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Of all walks of life, ages, virtues and vices, we’re here for you, ladies. We have an intrinsic connection with the female experience. Think the trials and tribulations of those wild formative years, all the way through to your later, nine-to-five hustles, pregnancy paths and pesky skin.

Women's Health
cosmetic acupuncture

From bouts of angry, grizzly hormonal freak-outs to acne that just won’t budge later in life, we’re here to help work through your skin woes. If you’ve tried all the lotions, potions and absurdly overpriced polishes in the world, feel fed up and want to strive for a gloriously glowy complexion in a natural way, let’s give cosmetic acupuncture a go.

Skin Health

Our bodies are temperamental things. They can be enraging, facepalm-inducing, overjoying and uplifting beasts. When we’re trying to grow another body inside our own, things can get bloody challenging, fast. For the nitty-gritty, science-y stuff your best girlfriends can’t help you through, we’re here to work through the sh*tty bits.

Fertility Health

Femme health from head-to-toe, designed by a gal who’s been there.

We tailor acu-facials and soothing remedies, so you can glow ‘n get your best life.

We’re here for all the milestones and magic of your pregnancy journey

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Your Health Journey 

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Services we offer

Treatments we offer

Finessed fine-needling to remedy your own unique set of niggly health concerns.


Glow-giving acu-facials that won’t make you say ‘ouch’, we promise.

All hail herbal healing, tailored bespokely to benefit you (and only you).

Herbal Therapy

Suction-like cups to rid your busy body of stress, strain and sore spots.


Taking the mystique and misunderstanding outta reiki, one honest conversation and healing hand at a time.

Inhale. And exhale. We’ll be there right up until the Big Day, empowering you with the tools and techniques to get that bun out of the oven.

Cupping Therapy

About the space 

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Stepping into the Meraki clinic feels like walking into a retreat. The space has been curated with care, encouraging you to leave the rest of your day outside the front door, and dive deep into self-care.

Steeped with natural light, Meraki Holistic Health raises the bar of luxury, and we never compromise on the details. Our vibes are high, but we always meet you where you’re at. We love what we do, and we’re dedicated to enriching your experience with exceptional treatments. 


Located in Clifton Hill, check out our beautiful community of local shops and cafes when you come for your next appointment!


Freebies to up level your health

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Menstrual Tracking Guide



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PCOS, Endometriosis

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PCOS, Endometriosis

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Want to chat? Have a gander at our haven? Learn more about Casey? Good news: we’re always up for a yarn, phone call or email. And if you want to have a ponder on the gram, then check her out. Located in the northern hub of Clifton Hill you are welcome to drop in too!


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