Cupping Therapy

This isn’t your usual kind of cuppa, but hear us out.

This clever treatment is the use of small suction-y cups (wherever you need it most) to relieve agonising aches and muscular tension, cold and flu concerns, and relaxation, sans needles.


If you’re a needle-phobe, or just in desperate need of some serious muscle TLC, cupping could be your calling

This treatment is essentially the application of small cups onto the body to promote blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, tension release, increase oxygen flow and recovery. 

​Body cupping can leave some marks (don’t worry, nothing permanent), depending on each individual. They’ll fade away within days to a week, and be insanely worth it given the end goal of pain relief. These marks are just a sign of stagnant blood surfacing, soon to be replaced with fresh, new blood after the cups have been released from the body. Facial cupping is brilliant for toxin release and hydration, with no visible marking. During each session, any concerns, questions or feedback will be addressed before treatment to ensure you (and your muscles) feel divinely at ease.