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Here is how we help you prepare for your

Fertility Journey

At Meraki, we work lovingly, patiently and sensitively with all women at all different stages of pre, post and during pregnancy. This caters to ladies hoping to fall pregnant, those who have had miscarriages, gals searching for IVF support, and some all-important postnatal treatments.

We know how deeply intimate, personal and important a gal’s fertility journey can be. Sometimes, things are simple. And on other occasions, it can feel like one big, long, gruelling battle to fall pregnant. We want less ‘f*ck this’ moments and more fun, honesty and freedom to just feel.  


We wholeheartedly believe in the intricacies and natural remedies underpinning modern chinese medicine. When it comes to the elusive beast that is ‘wellness’, we’re always realistic, honest and warm in our approach. We do this by creating carefully-honed rituals, routines, hands-on practices and herbal elixirs (that actually work). 


We’re here to celebrate womanhood and help women sit in their most fabulously feminine self to naturally set the body up for pregnancy, work through a loss or repair it after childbirth. We’re not waving any magic wands like little preggo pixies. But we are determined to help you embrace some really uplifting habits, thoughts and healing processes to nail all the basic groundwork for your body to start growing another little one inside, or recover afterwards.

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Need a starter guide to pregnancy?

We've created a purposeful pre-conception guide so you

can start creating a temple for your fertility.

Pre-Conception Guide