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Our 5 Favourite Ways to use your Gua Sha Tool!

Gua Sha is more than just your favourite beauty tool, but yet can be a saviour for our day to day living.

Before the hype, Gua Sha had been a medical treatment used by Chinese Medicine practitioners for over two millennia. As much as we enjoy facial Gua Sha, there is much more this humble tool can do!

*Drum roll please*

Here are our five favourite ways to use Gua Sha in clinic.

To ease cold symptoms and fever!

Gua Sha creates an anti-inflammatory response when performed on the upper back. This speeds up the recovery and can reduce symptoms. And trust me you want to be getting this done if you're all stuffy in the head.

To relieve headaches.

Can I get a hell yeah for this one? This is definitely been a priority as of late during this spring season.

Scraping on the base of the skull, upper neck, and shoulders promote blood circulation to the head and ease muscular tension.

To reduce anxiety.

Yep you betcha!

Gua Sha activates the parasympathetic nervous system which makes acupuncture and Gua Sha a lethal calmative combo. It's great to get this done on your upper back where most of your nervous system is held. Its magic when we see you switch off completely - we just love that!

To ease muscular tension.

Armed with our Gua Sha tool, we can target the gritty bits of muscles. Scraping improves blood circulation and breaks scar tissue. This helps with movement, pain and enables healing. We particularly love it for jaw pain, golfers and tennis elbow.

At home you can simply scrape down the neck and above the shoulder in a downwards motion to get this release in your upper back.

To reduce swelling.

Gua Sha stimulates lymph circulation, which helps the absorption of interstitial fluid. This is why it’s so great for de-puffing the face. But it’s also fantastic for mastitis! (do this gently around your upper chest if you are suffering from mastitis - we know you are already in a little discomfort so be gentle)

And there you have it! All the secrets revealed.

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