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Meet the pretty pressure points..

Prettier at the press of a fingertip? Uh-huh, it’s possible.

Here's How

Let me start by stating the obvious: You are a total goddess, . You don’t need to be prettier. You’ve got that in the bag.

(Not to mention wit, wisdom and intelligence in spades. 😉)

But… if you’re looking for a way to holistically support your natural beauty, then you’re in luck: I’ve got just the thing.

Meet the pretty pressure points

If you haven’t heard of pressure points before, they’re specific areas of the body that, when stimulated, TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) believes will improve the energy flow in your body.

As a TCM practitioner, I’ve seen the game-changing potential of pressure points irl. Simply by stimulating a client’s pressure point, I’ve been able to:

  • Improve blood flow to my client’s face (resulting in a clearer, smoother and more glowing complexion).

  • Enhance oxygen, nutrients and hydration in a client’s skin (which makes the skin look plumper and healthier).

  • Reduce and relax muscle tension, resulting in a more youthful, toned appearance.

Amazing, right?! And, best of all, it’s super simple to learn how to DIY your pressure point massage at home.

Here’s how.

How to give yourself a pressure point facial massage

Step one: Start with clean hands (a good rule for everything, really!)

Step two: Grab your gua sha tool (you can clean it with rubbing alcohol before using it to avoid cross-contamination).

Step three: Using your gua sha tool, apply pressure to your pressure point until it feels a little gritty or ‘ouch’. This will mean you have a nice spot, and the pressure is working its magic.

Step four: Apply pressure point for one-minute (to each pressure point – it’ll be six minutes total for your entire face).

And voila – you’re done! You can repeat this ritual every day.

“Wait, Casey, *where* are these six pretty pressure points?”

Your six pretty pressure points can be found: Around the forehead – frontalis muscle -, the yintang – which is between the eyebrows -, underneath the eyes on the cheeks, in the jaw joint close to the ear, along the edge of the jawline on the muscle belly, and on the edge of the nose in the nasolabial fold.

All soundin’ Greek to you? Here’s a diagram to help you out.

Choose your beauty-enhancing sidekick here

Don’t want our holistic at-home beauty adventure to end? Here’s how we can continue elevating your DIY beauty experience together.


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