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The 6 secrets of Facial Rolling

Yay! I can’t wait for you to start experiencing the amazing benefits and results of rollin’. But before you get started, here’s what you *need* to know about facial rolling to get most out of your daily DIY ritual.

Six secrets of facial rolling

Secret #1: Facial rolling enhances product absorption.

Y’know those fancy luxe serums and oils you’ve wisely invested in? It turns out your humble facial roller is gonna become their superhero sidekick! Facial rolling not only feels great (drool), but it helps promote product absorption too – effectively enhancing the power of your beauty products.

To benefit from this brilliance, you’ve gotta roll in the right order: *After* (not before) you’ve applied your products.

Secret #2: There’s a right way to roll.

… Andddd a wrong way. Basically, you want to support your body in releasing and detoxing fluid build-up and toxins from your body. To do so, you’ll want to apply pressure from the midline of your face to the outer sides of your face – not all over.

Psst – feeling lost? Head here to watch me walk you through my easy facial rolling technique.

Secret #3: The best time to use your roller is…

At night-time, post-shower and before bed.

This is because after you’ve rolled, you’ll likely feel super relaxed – the perfect state to slip into bed and soak up that beauty sleep. As I mentioned too, facial rolling is also genius for increasing product absorption, so you’ll want to leave it to work its magic (and not cover up your lovely hard work with make-up).

Secret #4: Breaking out?

You’ll want to switch from your gua sha tool to your facial roller. A facial roller is more soothing for your skin and, unlike your gua sha tool, won’t spread any bacteria that’s built up underneath your skin.

Secret #5: Sunburnt?

Pop your roller in the fridge for five minutes. Seriously! This’ll help cool your skin (ahhh – sweet relief) and prevent further irritation from the burn. Oh, and jade is known for its cooling properties, so if you run hot or are in the sun a lot, be sure to invest in a jade roller.

Secret #6: Sore eyes?

Whether you’ve been staring at your screen for too long or accidentally stayed up late watching your fave show (no judgment), your facial roller will be your BFF for instant relief.

Simply rest the large edge of your facial roller on your eyelid for a minute to soften your stressed-out, puffy and sore eyes.

Need a Ride or Die Roller? Choose your sidekick here


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