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Meet Tarren - Meraki Massage Therapist

EEEP! (That’s our excited squeal)

We have a new member of our Meraki family and she’s got a special place in our hearts already. Introducing the Terrifically Talented Tarren!!!

She is a qualified remedial, pregnancy and lymphatic massage therapist. Triple threat Tarren, I know we’ve hit the jackpot.

But of course, anyone can get qualifications but here’s WHY she’s such a vibe. We’ve asked some deep probing questions so you can get a glimpse of the beautiful soul underneath.

How have your past experiences influenced your journey to becoming a massage therapist?

As a teenager I was quite sporty and was exposed to bodywork to help manage minor injuries. During uni and my corporate career I found it as a means to manage stress and tension. Over the years, the modalities I sought included massage, myotherapy, kinesiology, physio and chiro - I appreciated the changes the therapists were able to help cultivate in my body.

I left my corporate job during burn out and started on my journey back to self (when I was about 30). I managed a yoga studio where I practiced yoga about 5 times a week and started to treat my body better (approaching it with more curiosity and kindness), learning about food as medicine, and began to resonate with mindfulness and healing practices. From there I took the leap to study Remedial Massage with a desire to have a flexible schedule and help people live with less stress in their bodies and lives. I studied in my hometown of Albury Wodonga and afterwards, one thing led to another and I opened my own massage business.

Connection brought me back to Melbourne and to Meraki. I love this job and path so much, I cannot imagine doing anything else!

How do you choose to practice self-care?

Self-care comes in many forms for me and is something I prioritise. I’d say the main things are: 

👉🏻Daily movement. I’m a big fan of yoga and Pilates; twice daily strolls with my dog; and I ride my bike where possible. 

👉🏻Eating whole foods and a variety of foods feels good for my body and mind. As does eating a lot of dark chocolate hehe.

👉🏻Receiving regular massage. At the moment I get a massage every one to two weeks.

👉🏻Being in water feels nice for my soul (I have Pisces in my chart so no surprises here) - a long epsom salt bath soak; a visit to a bathhouse; or another body of water. In Albury I found the Murray River particularly cleansing and grounding.

👉🏻Keeping my home and work spaces tidy and organised helps me feel clear, expanded and able to flow.

👉🏻When I’m in the groove I meditate or do some form of Breathwork daily. 

👉🏻I practice a few Lymphatic Drainage techniques with my skin care routine most mornings.

👉🏻Having authentic and wholehearted conversations with the people I love also fills my self-care cup.  

Why do you do what you do?

I practice massage because helping others makes my heart sing, as does moving mindfully and with intention (and is how I treat). I love that there’s always more to learn about the body, and the interconnected nature of symptoms, conditions and health overall. I find the body and mind fascinating, and so my list of courses and webinars to attend is ever growing.

What would you tell your younger self what you know now?

I’d share this quote by Ram Dass that I often come back to… “We are all just walking each other home”. It reminds me that we’re all learning, all connected, and healing and journeying towards peace.

As a massage therapist I think my uniqueness comes from non-judgement, kindness, curiosity and the holistic approach I take to the body (and mind).

I think it’s extremely important that we settle your nervous system to bring your body back to homeostasis and allow it to heal (relieving your aches and pains). During the treatment we’ll do this with calm music, comfortable linens, nice smells, the right level of pressure for you, targeting your soft tissue with the appropriate techniques, and focus on the breath. All these allow the mind to quieten, and the body to feel safe and at peace.

Some holistic practices I encourage clients to do outside the treatment room are:

  • Getting enough sleep for their bodies

  • Moving every day (ideally doing a sport or activity they love)

  • Stretching and mindful breathing when stressed

  • Drinking enough water

  • Eating a varied diet to consume many vitamins and minerals

  • Considering low toxin cleaning, skin care and personal care products

  • Being kind to their bodies :)


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