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Meet the Team Series - Lisa

Meet the Team series - This week’s shining gem is Lisa!

Lisa, one of our Chinese Medicine practitioners, has been an integral part of the Meraki team for a while now, and what a wonderful addition she’s been!

Lisa embodied holistic healing in her approach with clients. She’s wise beyond her years and we have no doubt you’ll gain from her wealth of knowledge in a session with her.

We thought this would be a perfect opportunity for you to get to know her better by asking her some fun questions, and gosh we were impressed with her answers!

How did you get into what you’re doing now?

I always wanted to have a job that I loved, and growing up I was very active and was interested in health. So in year 9 when he had to “shadow” someone in a career we were interested in, I did some observations in a Chinese Medicine clinic. I found the day so fascinating that I booked myself in for a treatment afterwards to see if it “really worked”. I had incredible results with my migraines and hormonal health, and I knew then that I wanted to become a practitioner!

Why do you do what you do?

Learning to understand my own body has helped me in more ways than I could have ever imagined, in terms of hormonal health, mental health and mindset, how I choose to move my body, relationships with friends and lovers; basically every area of my life!

I love that every day I go to work I have the opportunity to help people understand their own health and bodies in a deeper and more meaningful way. After having such a profound experience myself, I get excited daily to provide those “penny drop” moments for my clients.

I have also always been very fascinated by all kinds of ancient medicines, traditions, and ways of living, so I feel very lucky to be able to draw on a lot of these ideas when helping my clients in our modern world

What is your favourite topic to talk about with your clients?

I love working on deepening body literacy skills and helping clients to better understand their body and their mind from both a Chinese medicine and western medical point of view. I believe these skills are incredibly powerful, and they allow us to make appropriate lifestyle adaptations for long term success and longevity.

What is your favourite thing about working amongst other women here at Meraki?

What’s that saying? You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with? I’m grateful every day to be on a team with such nurturing, incredible women who are wonderfully high-energy and hilarious.

What would you tell your younger self that you know now?

The day you plant the seed isn’t the day you pick the fruit!

What makes you different from other healers?

My ultimate goal is to get my clients feeling better to get back to the things they love to do! I always have the lifestyle piece of the puzzle in my mind when treating. In the clinic, I use herbs, acupuncture and body work, and will always offer adaptations to diet, movement, mindset and lifestyle to integrate sustainable changes.


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