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Oil Pulling & It's Benefits

Why you should incorporate oil pulling in to your daily morning routine.

As gross as this may sound but overnight as we are fast asleep, bacteria builds up in our gums and teeth from a reduction in our saliva, as we are not putting anything in our mouths to allow the excretion of saliva to start breaking substances down. Saliva is a natural protective barrier excreted from your salivary glands in your mouth to protect you from all sorts of bacteria including your own good bacteria.

Ever wonder why you wake up with bad breath? it's because of bacteria build up in your gums and teeth. Ew! I know so gross right but it happens to everyone.

This is where oil pulling comes in and the benefits are amazing for your health!

So how does it work?

Using an oil especially coconut oil because of it's high anti-bacterial properties (otherwise use olive or sesame oil) first thing in the morning before food helps to literally draw out the bad toxins that have been building up over the 8 hours of sleep you just had. Because of coconut oil's highly absorbable nature, it can draw out toxins really easily and purify your whole body. Why the whole body?

Chinese medicine observes each section of the tongue as it connects to different organs in the body; spleen, stomach, heart, liver, lungs, bladder, kidneys, large and small intestines. By pulling out toxins from the mouth and tongue you are essentially cleaning out your whole body from bad bacteria. How amazing is that?!

Oil pulling originally derived from Ayurvedic medicine centuries ago when brushing your teeth wasn't a thing so they used oils to purify their health and clean their gums and teeth. And don't get me wrong it's very important to brush your teeth twice a day but oil pulling has deeper and long term effects for the body.

The benefits include; Reducing inflammation, reduction in tooth decay and cavities, kills bad breath instantly (Put your hands up if you need it for this reason!), whitens teeth, soothes cracked lips, reduces candida build up, heals bleeding gums, reduces sinus congestion, reduction in jaw pain, strengthen gums and one of my favourites - reduces Acne!

Safe to say there are loads of benefits and you would be crazy not to try and incorporate it into your daily routine. Or at least 3 times per week to reap these amazing benefits.

How to Oil Pull

First things first, buy a unrefined coconut oil or another oil (so you know your not getting any nasties with it - we are trying to detox here!)

1. As soon as you get out of bed before any food or even water, swish one tablespoon of coconut oil in your mouth.

2 Swish between your teeth for 10-20 minutes (you may find first off you need to keep it to 10 because of the weird texturing of the oil), but don't overdo it because you will realise that your saliva activates and the coconut oil will double in amount because of this.

3. DO NOT SWALLOW THE OIL. This is crucial in your oil pulling, you don't want the toxins to be reabsorbed in to your body, plus it won't taste very nice.

4. When you are finished spit the oil in the bin, if you spit down the sink the oil can solidify and you may have to get a plumber out later to see why your pipes are blocked.

5. Lastly rinse your mouth out with warm water and you are done!

Now go and try for yourself because the benefits are amazing for your health inside and out.

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