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Eight Signs that you are Ovulating

Thinking about getting pregnant? Or maybe you just want to know that your hormones are all in order. Than you need to get comfortable with your body and start tracking your cycle to know if you are ovulating or not.

Typically your ovulation is on day 14 from a Chinese medicine perspective. This is counted from the first day of your period, so the first day that you bleed. Everyone can be different due to possibly having shorter or longer cycles so the ovulation may vary in days. But this is where you can find out by noticing the subtle changes in physical and emotional states around this time.

You only release one egg each month. So you have to understand that it's quiet a process to release the egg carefully and easily to the uterus, so there is a few things to look in too, to determine a healthy release of the egg and functioning of your hormones.

Nourish your Ovaries

1. Tracking

Whether your a tech girl or a diary girl. You need to track your cycle. No how long your cycle from period to period, this can help to understand when you could possibly be ovulating. Getting an app is great to track your cycle because you can log in all your symptoms that you may be getting around ovulation or your period. Flo fem is a great app as they give you an understanding of your symptoms and why you could be feeling a certain. I would highly recommend. Otherwise note your physical or mental changes in your diary if your a paper kind of gal.

2. Temperature - Basal Body Temperature (BBT)

BBT is your temperature at rest. So first thing in the morning when your still in bed, take out a thermometer and take your temperature, do this at the same time if possible everyday or as soon as you wake up. A normal base line is between 36.11 to 36.38 degrees Celsius. Generally your temperature will rise between 36.44 to 37 Celsius the day after ovulation and stay on the higher side until your period. Certain factors can effect your temperature if you smoke, drink alcohol, didn't have a good night's sleep, eat before taking your temperature, have a thyroid condition or have an electric blanket in your bed.

3. Cervical Mucous.

You may find around day 10-14 you will have more clear string like discharge of egg white consistency. This is a great sign that you are fertile and that your reproductive system is healthy, this is a good time to have sex with your partner. Sperm is able to thrive and survive in this environment and makes it easier for the sperm to attach on to the released egg and hold for conception. It is normal to notice different types of discharge through out your cycle some being more curd like mucous, foggy in colour and only little bits here and there. It is more important around your ovulation that it is of egg like consistency as that's showing everything is at it's healthiest. If you are not getting this then that is something to look in to a little more in to (especially diet).

4. Sex Drive.

Mother earth is telling you something here. A surge in sex drive usually occurs around ovulation indicating that you are ready to conceive. This is a great indication because naturally as humans we are made to reproduce and we are lucky to have indicators like increased sex drive to help us in the right direction and also enjoy sex too!

5. LH testing.

Luteinising Hormone surges during ovulation to help release the egg from your ovary. You can buy LH strips from a chemist or online that you need to pee on like a pregnancy test which can tell you if there is a presence of the hormone. It doesn't tell you how much, but as long as there is a presence that helps to determine that your hormones are regulated than that's a good thing. Generally i would get people to do the testing from days 11-15 to see when they are ovulating.

6. Abdominal Dullness or discomfort.

Some women can feel their ovary release the egg during their time of ovulation. One side is generally stronger than the other. Not every women has this, but if you do have this then take it as a good sign that your ovaries are working! Yay!

7. Changes in Mood.

You may find you feel more determined, confident or feminine around this time. LH hormone helps to improve your mood and brain functioning during this time. So it's a great time to get things done and have some fun sex with your partner. Emotions are closely connected with your organ functioning. In Chinese medicine terms, having higher confidence and feeling more feminine is closely linked with your uterus and blood flow. So it's no wonder you may be feeling so vibrant during this time.

8. Changes in your Cervix.

Get comfortable with yourself for this one ladies if you have never herd of this. By feeling your cervix during different stages of your cycle you can see if your cervix is soft or hard. When it's soft it's showing that it's being relaxed by the LH hormone to help allow a smoother transition of sperm to connect with your egg. To check your cervix you will need to prone one leg up on to your bed or toilet and insert one of your fingers (usually middle) in to your vagina, you should feel more of a soft mushiness around ovulation like touching your lips, this is a good indication that everything is nice and relaxed. When not ovulating than it will be a firmer and harder like feeling.

Hope this helps you understand more of what you should be looking out for if your wanting to fall pregnant or just know that everything is running efficiently in the body.

If you are having troubles or any issues with your cycle, you can contact me through email: or call on 0437 871 530 to make an appointment to discuss further and get a treatment plan.

Enjoy the fun!




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