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Made by women, for women to help support you through hormonal imbalances, menstrual concerns, pre-conception health, menopause and more.

Tired? Hot? Moody? But also fabulous? In the wise words of the ever-iconic Shania Twain, ‘man, I feel like a woman.’ From puberty to menopause and all the woes, wins, facepalm moments, highs and lows in between, a gal’s health trajectory is both beautiful and bizarre. 


Our forte at Meraki is women’s health. We work intimately with fellow females to remedy and resolve a barrage of different women's-only concerns. We cover all bases at all ages, for fem-specific issues like:

  • Endometriosis

  • PCOS

  • Period pain

  • Period irregularity 

  • PMS 

  • Menopause


That first period and navigating all things girlhood can be such a daunting and dizzying experience for the younger ladies among us. And we’ve been there. Whether you’re needing some serious self-cultivation during a harsh bout of menstruation, or you’re totally confused about your period cycle, we’re here to chat gal-to-gal. 


For the heinesses experiencing heady hot flushes, insomnia or other menopausal symptoms, we’ve got you, too. Mood swings or hormone imbalances can seem like ‘no big deal’ at the time, but these internal fluctuations really impact the way in which we strut and sashay our way through the day-to-day as fierce doyennes. 


We have a tight curation of tried-and-tested treatments to tackle all of the women’s health concerns above (and many more), specialising in non-ouch acupuncture, clever cupping, bespoke herbs and reiki.

Need a head start to  understanding your cycle?

We've got a tracking guide so you can understanding the phases of your cycle and start to see what magic unfolds each month.

Menstrual tracking guide


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