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Massage Therapy

Sweet, blissful stress relief. Need we say more?

We know, massage therapy feels indulgent, right? But at Meraki we believe it's an integral part of the healing process. The nervous system and internal structures are linked to our physical experience, so you better believe our massage therapy treatments include all the juicy relaxation vibes! Needing something a little firmer, or dealing with injuries? We've got you covered there too. Our in-clinic expert Lauren will adapt the session to your needs.


'Helping you find freedom in both body and movement, while relieving tension & pain is why I do what I do'

What to expect:

Depending on if you've had previous sessions with Lauren or if this is your first treatment, you'll be given the opportunity to discuss any concerns or specific needs you have before your massage. 

Our beautiful space is designed to help you find a calm and restful state. You'll be covered by a cozy blanket, and guided into your treatment by Lauren's soothing energy.

Types of massage treatments offered at Meraki Holistic Health 

Relaxation Massage - Designed for people who want to feel relaxed, and who are looking to relieve stress and tension. It promotes blood flow, therefore relieving pressure and minor pain points. We encourage this treatment if you need a blissful, calming escape. 

Remedial Massage - Deeper pressure is applied during a remedial massage, targeting specific or chronic pain points. Focused on relieving pain, this treatment is recommended to assist in healing injuries or repetitive muscle use. 


Prenatal & Antenatal Massage - Designed for prenatal or postnatal mothers to aid in increasing mobility, improving circulation and relieving both mental and physical pressure. This feel-good treatment is incredibly therapeutic for women navigating the stress of motherhood and pregnancy. 




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