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Spinal Energetics – How To Heal Your Body With Energy

Your spine is the center pillar of your body. It runs from the base of the skull all the way down to the tailbone, providing balance and support for the body. Most importantly, the spine is home to a crucial neurological structure, the spinal cord. These nerves play a role in dictating emotional, psychological, and spiritual responses.

They bring energy into the body!

Energy is powerful. It creates who we are and how we function on a day-to-day basis. Energy drives healing within our body, soul, and mind. When we fully tap into this energy, we are capable of activating complete connectivity, balance, and ease – both spiritually and physically within ourselves. How do we achieve this peaceful state of homeostasis?

* Spinal Energetics enters the chat. *

What Is Spinal Energetics – How Does It Work?

Spinal Energetics is a modality developed to tap into one’s energy field and allow for healing within the body. This practice has the capability to heal any pain or discomfort held within the spinal cord region. In order to perform Spinal Energetics, a practitioner uses a gentle yet powerful touch – and sometimes no touch at all – to orchestrate movement throughout the body. This natural movement shifts throughout the body, releasing pent up tension or stress. An individual’s energy fully drives this practice – drives the unwinding and the healing.

It is important to note that this practice is highly collaborative. Openness and submission to the processes will allow for energy to flow freely toward the deficient areas within the body. Our pain can oftentimes be a result of emotional or physical trauma from the past. This trauma can physically be stored in the body, showing up as discomfort within the spinal region (back and neck). Be sure to enter the practice with an open mind and willingness to dive into your internal energy. This vulnerability allows for your body to easily begin the healing process.

Who Should Participate?

Spinal Energetics is an option for everyone. On a physical level, those who will benefit the most from these services are individuals with noticeable pain points in the body.

Spinal Energetics can treat the following:

- Back, neck, knee, and shoulder pain

- Sports-related injuries

- Automobile-related accident injuries

- Fatigue or stress-related tension

On the other hand, Spinal Energetics can also assist in internal healing. Individuals who are most impacted by this practice internally are those looking for the following:

- Emotional balance

- Stronger connection to one’s body – finding and tapping into their energy field

- Deeper clarity to one’s body, soul, and mind

- Generally improved mood and positive outlook on life

Spinal Energetics offers a little bit of something for everyone. Whether you are searching for physical or internally relief, scheduling frequent sessions of this practice will allow for comfort and peace within the body. Not to mention, relaxation. Understanding the energy within – the flows and powers – is a relaxing thought. You are in control of changing your energy… and of changing your life.

Why Is It An Important Part Of Your Healing Journey?

Healing starts with you. It starts with recognizing any debilitating trauma that has occurred in your life. Really visualizing that pain and lifting it up into focus. From there, you must tap into your internal energy, allowing it to flow freely throughout the entire body. The result? Revitalizing this painful area and flooding it with fresh, healing energy.

This process can be challenging to accomplish, especially on your own. Spinal Energetics allows for a serene environment and a certified practitioner to walk you through the process. Together, you will reach a state of homeostasis, where your body accepts the vulnerable movements caused by energy.

Why is this all important? You cannot move forward without accepting the past. You cannot seek peace from pain without realizing the extreme powers you hold within. To heal is to acknowledge and accept – and prove to yourself that you are capable of a new life… created by you. Allow the practice of Spinal Energetics to play a part in your wonderful and exciting journey of healing. Spinal Energetics will show you just how powerful your internal energy is on your mind, body, and soul.

Curious to learn more about the Spinal Energetics practice? Call our office today to schedule a consultation with one of our practitioners!


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