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Here is how we help you with your

For a whole spectrum of stressed-out skin concerns, we’re here to heal and help. Beauty is far more than skin deep, but we understand the toll unruly breakouts and angry epidermal layers can have on the life you’re leading. 

At Meraki, we’re aficionados of acupuncture, herbal concoctions and cosmetic treatments. Your skin grievances could include anything from pimples and acne, to raring pigmentation, eczema, scarring, fine lines, wrinkles, sun spots or other damage. Whatever the skin sitch, we’re not here to judge, berate or BS you. 


So, what’s the go? The type and timing of each treatment plan varies from gal-to-gal, made bespoke to address your own specific ‘skin stuff’. The running trend is that after our first sesh together, you should be swanning out of our studio with a radiant, gleaning sheen on your face. You’ll catch yourself repeatedly in reflective surfaces on your way home, noting those first signs of a foray into cherubic, retextured skin.


After 1-4 treatments, you should be doing copious double-takes and paring back your beauty routines to admire your clearer, happier skin. And after 12-20 treatments, acne, pigmentation and scarring are dramatically reduced (hoorah) and even cleared, depending on your particular skin condish. 



The nitty-gritty:

If you’re a Mum-to-be, we’d suggest booking your skin sprucing in after bubba arrives. Our treatments can involve some fine needling and movement of blood flow, so better to bide your time here and have a pamper session after your new arrival says hello to the world.


If you’ve previously had a bit of botox, it’s safest to wait it out three or so months post-injections to seek other skin needling treatments. Patience is a virtue, gals!


If - on the other hand - you’re botox-averse, our skin sessions are a dreamy natural alternative to brighter, clearer and juicier skin. Win-win.

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