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You might tilt your head at this one.

But here’s the deal: hypnobirthing is simply the intimate practice of prepping couples to have a cesarean or normal birth. During Casey's classes you are sure to be wow'd with extra wisdom from her Chinese Medicine background.

So what's involved?

These classes teach mum and support-partner through a stable of techniques that include positive thinking (birth affirmations), prime positions for labour and birth (birth skills), deep relaxation and visualisation (hypnosis for childbirth), and all-important breathing techniques. They can truly become a coping mechanism for labour, helping you garner a sense of calm and control.  


We love having a Plus One in these classes, so suggest you strap your support partner in for the ride and learning in unison. We want you to walk away from the course feeling empowered, confident and equipped with real tools and techniques that you can continue honing at home until The Big Day. The idea is that you become very familiar and ‘rehearse’ these techniques so that come showtime, they’re second nature. 

We provide fun group classes in a beautiful environment that hold up to four couples.

The course will run for 12 hours total, broken up in two four sessions to ensure maximum learning and retention.

The classes

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For mum's to be

Our course is designed to nurture mums-to-be and foster a beautiful entry for a child to enter this world. Hypnobirthing has been around for many, many moons. There’s no wild secret or magic wand involved (sadly), but in a modern society where birthing skills and techniques are not actively honed or openly spoken about until you fall pregnant, these classes are like a primer for the day you welcome that tiny human into the world.

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Go on. Drop us a line, girl.

Want to chat? Have a gander at our haven? Learn more about Casey? Good news: we’re always up for a yarn, phone call or email. And if you want to have a ponder on the gram, then check her out.


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