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Benefits of Facial Rolling

Ever wake up puffy eyed and red?

This tool could possibly be your best friend. Jade stone has cooling properties and naturally stays cold all the time. It's one of those weird things that you can't explain but it actually stays cold!

The benefits of jade rolling is that it stimulates your lymphatic system which helps to eliminate inflammation, red skin and puffiness.

If you genetically get red skin all the time, this is because you are have more capillaries in your skin. But this also means you will benefit so much from the roller because you can do this morning and night and you will see your skin calm down a lot!

The best time to use a jade roller is after a shower in the morning and just before you go to sleep at night when your face is clean. This ensures that you are not going to stimulate your skin straight away again as soon as you jade roll. If you do activity after these times then ensure you roll when you know you are not going to do any sort of exercise or high strenuous work!

How to use it.

Starting from the midline and always going outwards towards your hairline, ears and down the neckline.

You want to softy press on the skin, but not to hard. The lymphatic system doesn't need much to stimulate it. So lighter the better!

The best way to keep track of what you have covered is by starting from your forehead, to your cheeks, jawline and then neckline. 4 areas are usually covered by the thicker end of the jade roller.

Lastly you do the eye areas with the smaller end of the roller. Go over each area 4 -6 times, depending on your severity of redness or puffiness and allow yourself to relax whilst doing this.

Once you have completed your roller ritual, ensure you put it away in a hygienic place so for your next use you are not spreading any sort of bacteria.

Happy Rolling People X x


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