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Boost your fertility with Acupucnture

Acupuncture is a form of traditional Chinese medicine that was created thousands of years ago – and is still heavily practiced today. Why? Because it actually works! Acupuncture involves strategic placement of teeny tiny needles on pressure points throughout the body. The ultimate goal of this practice is to create energy equilibrium, allowing for healing to take place both within the mind and the body. This technique is extremely useful for treating both physical and emotional pain, managing internal stress, enhancing mood, and even boosting fertility levels.

Acupuncture tremendously assists in increasing fertility. The practice of acupuncture is all about promoting balance within the body, which also includes hormonal balance. Stabilizing hormones is a key component in increasing fertility and improving overall egg and sperm quality. Both of which lead to greater chances of becoming pregnant. There are many other ways that acupuncture can benefit a fertility journey – let’s jump into some of the main reasons.

Improved Sperm Quality

Acupuncture is shown to improve overall sperm quality, which aids in fertility. But how? Researchers have found that acupuncture plays a role in improving the motility, quality, and concentration of sperm. Higher quantities of quality sperm increases the chances of egg fertilization. The healthy sperm is able to move quickly, toward the egg, boosting chances of pregnancy.

Increases Blood Flow

Proper blood supply within the body ensures that reproductive organs are receiving the nourishment they need. Acupuncture increases blood flow throughout the body by slowing down the nervous system. This allows blood vessels to dilate and blood to flow vastly throughout the body – including the ovaries and uterus. How does this improve fertility? The nutrient dense blood not only increases the body’s response to fertility medications, but naturally thickens the lining of the uterus - creating an ideal environment for a fertilized egg.

Reduces Overall Stress

It is no surprise that the fertility journey can be stressful. And oftentimes, this added stress suppresses chances of becoming pregnant. Acupuncture lifts stress from this process. When the tiny needles are placed into the skin, endorphin hormones are released. These hormones act as the body’s natural form of painkillers – the body’s own Advil. Endorphins allow for relaxation and balance to occur, reducing anxiety throughout the journey – especially if partaking in IVF.

The benefits of acupuncture will not happen overnight. In fact, the key to acupuncture boosting fertility is consistency. Dedicate time to receive acupuncture at least one to three times each week. For best results, it is suggested to begin an acupuncture journey about 90 days prior to trying to become pregnant or beginning IVF treatments.


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