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Cacao Elixir

I know you love your coffee as much as the rest of Melbournians do, but why you should swap out your coffee for a cacao mood boosting elixir?

Did you know that by making simple swap you can reap way more health benefits from having a yummy cacao elixir instead of your morning Coffee? Cacao isn't completely rid of caffeine, it's got a bit less than half the amount actually, so you can still get a boost from it. In addition to that, cacao is not sweet at all, it's actually quite bitter which is why you may find it easier to switch to cacao than other drink remedies.

What is Cacao?

Cacao has been around longer than coffee in many different cultures around the world. Mainly used in ancient ceremonies to promote healing, embodiment and happiness. Cacao is fermented without roasting in a slow low-temperature process. It is then made up into a powder for our enjoyment. This means that it holds more nutrients within the beans because it hasn't been burnt to bits in the process (that is cocoa).

So what are the benefits?

Anti-oxidants that help prevent your cells from environmental damage, cancer cells and mutations that can cause harm to your health

Releases dopamine in the brain, your hormone of pleasure. Ever wondered why you love chocolate so much?

Holds a ridiculously high amount of magnesium that keeps our hormones balanced, moods balanced and our energy high!

It's a natural heart protector. Have high blood pressure or heart issues in your family. This is going to help calm your heart space and lower your heart tension.

Because it's a natural calming bean, it's going to help reduce your stress levels. I mean you have dopamine being release (pleasure hormone) so you are going to feel a sense of gooey and fuzz!

So you know the benefits.

How do you make it?

This is the exciting part. You can make elixirs with all your favourites!

A simple but delicious recipe to go by:

2 tbsp of coconut milk (more if you like creamy)

1/2 tsp of maca powder (any health food shop will have this)

1/2 tsp cinnamon

1tbsp of honey

1 tbsp of Raw Cacao Powder. (any health food shop will have this) Make sure it's not cocoa powder (that is for baking and has sugar in it)

1 cup of hot water.

Blend them all together and there you have it: frothy deliciousness. If you like yours extra bitter then add more cacao but my recommendation is to start small.

You can also add in mushroom powder such as chaga, reishi or lions mane to provide more mood boosting and adrenal benefits. My favourite is chaga! Simply add 1/2 tsp of your favourite. Ashwaganda is also very mood balancing perfect for those days where you’re having a bit of a wobble. He shou wu is also a popular powder to pop into you drink, benefitting your hair, skin and nails. You can find all these powders at your local wholefoods store or go on to get your hands on them.

Why mushrooms and Ashwaganda?

Mushrooms are amazingly good for your nervous system, they can help detoxify the liver and calm your nervous system. By incorporating mushrooms into your daily diet you are allowing your body to be well cared for internally. Reishi mushrooms are the strongest and would highly recommend putting a couple of these into some bone broth over winter. Also Ashwaganda reduces blood sugar levels and cortisol levels, along with reducing symptoms of depression.

So would you try and change it up now knowing the benefits?

Happy Cacao Making!


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