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Dermal Rolling - How to do it properly

These rollers have been doing nuts! 

And for good reason, dermal rolling is excellent for your skin care regime. Not only does it clear your skin, but it can reduce scaring, wrinkles, pigmentation, rosacea, stretch marks and sun damage. Now that’s a whole lot in one little tool.

This tool originated from china for doctors to use on their patients to help with scarring on the face. It then slowly progressed to western cultures in the 1950s and has become more popular over the years. Yep, it's been around for years and now it's more readily available for the public to use. And i'm sure now you want to find out more about how to use this incredible tool to get the full benefits.

Let's start with which dermal roller to use.

Firstly look into the type of needles that are on the dermal roller, are they stainless steel or titanium? Stainless steel are generally sharper and more hygienic but don't last as long as titanium. Titanium is stronger and longer lasting but not has hygienic or sharp. Stainless steel would be the first dermal roller on the list to buy as it wouldn't scratch the skin, but it's completely up to you which you would prefer!

When selecting a stainless steel dermal roller you also need to find ones that 500+ tiny needles o the head of the roller. This will therefore cover more surface area of your skin which will make it a lot easier when going over your face.

There is also different sizes on the needles that are on the head. Ranging from 0.25 -1.5mm. For those with sensitive skin start with 0.5mm to reduce any irritations. For everyone else, especially for first timers use 0.75mm and then you can progress to 1.0mm. Personally i would never use more than 1.2mm as it can then do the opposite effects for your collagen and break down it down, smaller is more in this case!

How to use the dermal roller.

Be sure your hands are thoroughly washed with soap and the dermal head has been disinfected with 99% alcohol so no bacteria is on the head, you can then run it under hot water afterwards. You have to remember these are needles that are going into the skin so if bacteria is on them it can cause irritation or infection if never washed. So please be careful. Always wash before and after using it on your skin. You also need to cleanse your face so there is no make-up or residue on the skin surface.

When using the roller, be sure to start from the top of the face and in the midline going outwards towards the hairline horizontally first. Use light- medium pressure gliding the roller across your face in a straight line, go over the same line 5 times. To cover your whole forehead, you may have to go over 4 horizontal lines to ensure you are reaching all the skin.

You then can repeat this on the other side of the forehead.

After the forehead you move down to the cheek bones and again go horizontal from the midline to the hairline 5 times. Depending on the size of your cheek bones ( as everyone is different) you may have to make up another line afterwards. You then proceed to the jaw line horizontally ad repeat 5 times. If you get a dermal roller with changeable heads, you can put on a dermal roller head that has a thinner width which will allow for the ease of getting underneath the eyes. Only go over 2 times under the eyes as they are more sensitive and delicate areas.

It is important not to rush too much because you do not want to scratch the skin and dry your skin out.

After you have done the horizontal lines on the face you can repeat the process going from top to bottom doing vertical and diagonal lines across the face. You can then go over the neck vertically and do this 3 times.

You want to ensure that you get a nice red glow on the skin when rolling. If you bleed a little this is okay, but if there is any irritation stop using the roller and allow the skin to cool off.

After wards use wet clean face towel to compress along the face and wipe any blood away if there is any. You can then use any serums and moisturisers that suit your skin.

How often should i use the roller?

As a precaution, those skin types that are more sensitive you may want to only do dermal rolling once in the first month to ensure you skin recovers fully and then you can progress to fortnightly. Those who don't have sensitive skin start using the dermal roller once per fortnight and if you find your skin recovers well you can then use it once per week. No more is needed, only once a week is fine to ensure your skin recovers well.

Is it safe?

The dermal is safe for you to use if you use it right and it is clean. Ensure you are doing light - medium pressure when rolling (never pressing!), stop if there is irritation, clean the dermal roller before and after use each time, (maximum amount of uses for each roller i would say is up to 2-3 months depending on usage, the earlier is the better.)

Do not go over open wounds or acne - this just hurts! 

The Benefits of Dermal Rolling.

This tool is amazing to add into your skin routine, for not only for those wanting it for anti-ageing purposes but also for:

- Acne Scaring

- Pigmentation

- Rosacea

- Fine wrinkles

- Dull Complexion

- Sagging or droopy skin

- Sustaining Glowing Skin

The results

Everyone's skin is different so the results will differ from person to person. You should see results after using the dermal roller for three months. For those using it to sustain their cosmetic treatment, it definitely helps to keep your skin healthy and glowing for longer between maintenance treatments and you will find that your skin will look brighter, smoother and hydrated for longer.

How it works!

How the dermal actually works is by creating micro-traumas in the skin cells. Your brain sensors something is going on and cell oxygenated blood to the cells that have been in contact with the needles. With the oxygenated blood to the areas, allows for a faster regeneration of the skin cells and reproduction of collagen and elastin. This will fine out any bumps in the skin to ensure a smooth surface area. It will also allow proper circulation to areas that are lacking in blood flow. So all in all, this is an amazing product to have to sustain and regenerate your healthy skin or as maintenance from cosmetic acupuncture sessions to keep your glow going!

Contact me if you would like to see how best to use this product on your skin if you are unsure.

If you want to faster results than i would highly recommend cosmetic acupuncture. Not only would you get personal advice and recommendations on your health and skin but you would get a personalised tailored treatment plan to fit the needs of your skin.

Contact me if you would like to know more.




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