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Meet the Team Series - Kaitlyn

We have one more practitioner to introduce as part of our Meet the Team series, our beautiful reiki healer Kaitlyn.

One session with Kaitlyn and you'll understand the hype. She simultaneously creates a warm, safe and inviting space for her clients, while also shining SO bright, and inspiring you to do the same.

Her journey in becoming a reiki healer is proof that intuition can be our most potent guide, and we hope you enjoy her story as much as we did!

How have your past experiences influenced your journey to becoming a Reiki practitioner? I first experienced reiki after my Dad died really unexpectedly about 8 years ago. Allowing myself to be held in such a safe space of unconditional love, allowed me to try and connect back with myself through the intense fog of my grief and it also re-affirmed the importance for me of taking care of my energetic and emotional health. Within the first 18 months of finding reiki, I undertook my ‘Reiki Level 1’ course (which is just for self reiki) mainly as another way to support myself. At that point I had never really considered practising as a healer, I was qualified as a Secondary School teacher and had landed what I thought was my dream role in a school teaching Drama.

I continued receiving reiki, feeling the huge energetic shifts it created within me and I would always leave feeling so deeply connected to myself & powerful. But in my external life I was working in a profession that was slowly making me very sick. The stress of unrelenting workload but also the emotional stress of sitting in a consistent state of giving was taking a great toll on me, and even though I felt such a strong niggle that I was supposed to do something else - I pushed it down. I told myself that being a teacher was who I was, that there was so much I loved about it, I also felt emotionally obligated to stay - what about the people that need me? Until one day, while sitting in my partner’s apartment in Switzerland, I received a message from my reiki master Poppy saying that the ‘Reiki Level 2’ course she was running the day I arrived home to Australia had one spot left and she wanted to know if it was mine. In that moment, I chose to listen to the resounding “YES” in my soul and claimed my spot.

My journey to embracing my role as a healer has been one of great self-discovery. It's challenged my willingness to let old parts of myself fall away in order to make space for the newness I so deeply desired. It has invited me to listen more closely to my inner voice than to be distracted by the external validation I can receive from others. It has asked me to trust unwaveringly that the abundance I seek is all available to me, and is only limited by my own fears or avoidance. And I am grateful for it all. I truly believe that my own ongoing healing & relationship with reiki, is one of the things that makes me able to create a space of safety & love for my clients to access their own healing. There is no judgement or hierarchy in healing, only our own commitment to live in our truest expression.

What's your favourite way to unwind on your days off?

Some of my favourite ways to fill my time are:

  • Walking with a friend out in nature

  • Treating myself to an açai bowl

  • Connecting with people I love over a good meal & a wine

  • Or depending on how full my week has been, an excellent movie binge session on the couch also hits the spot just right.

As a healer, what is one thing you think our wider collective needs the most right now? For people to give themselves the recognition that we are cyclical beings (especially women - we literally cycle every month!) and that to expect ourselves to be the same every day of our lives is not realistic or healthy. We live through experiences, both joyous and challenging, that leave marks on us and it is ok to acknowledge that and take the time to process, understand and grow from these moments. The act of forgiving ourselves allows us to move into the higher frequency of love and by having more people moving from a place of love rather than fear, the whole collective benefits.

Why do you do what you do? Because I believe that everyone deserves healing. I love holding space for people to connect more deeply to themselves - the way people unburden themselves during sessions is so brave and I am so humbled to witness it. I also believe that there has been a lot of “whoo whoo” stigma surrounding modalities like reiki and my intention is to make energy healing more accessible, because being aware of our energetic health is so important in supporting us to lead our most expansive lives. I am so profoundly grateful to connect with the people I do and to do the work I do.

How would you describe your healing style? Connected, safe, supportive & empowered. Creating a space where my clients' nervous systems feel safe to release the things they are ready to let go of and know that what ever comes up in our session it is never too much - all parts of you are welcome. The debrief at the end of our session is so potent because it is so important to me that my client leaves feeling empowered to continue their healing in their everyday life.

What would you tell your younger self that you know now? Your sensitivity is a superpower, not a weakness. Don’t dim your light or make yourself small for the benefit of people around you - you are not too much. Things won’t always be easy, but you can do hard things.

Never tried Reiki healing before? Book in with Kaitlyn to connect to a deeper level of self, and feel her love and support every step of the way.


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