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Meet the Team Series - Rebekah

Time to introduce our beautiful Bek. She's been part of the Meraki team before (anyone still giddy from her treatments in 2019?!), and once again she brings her warmth to our clinic space.

Bek is a TCM practitioner, who doubles as a mentor and guide. Her clients know they'll receive a personalised treatment experience every time they visit her, because she understands your unique journey can't be duplicated.

We hope you enjoy getting to know our wonderful Bek a little better!

Why did you choose TCM? Why not a different modality of healing?

Very cliche but I believe that it was very much fate that I ended up being a CM practitioner. I’ve known I wanted to be in the medical field from very young, and initially I wanted to pursue western medicine. It wasn’t until I was faced with a decision of starting a Masters in research did I think about studying something else. Chinese Medicine was actually my mum’s suggestion (mum always knows best haha). Through a series of “coincidences” I found myself sitting in a Chinese Medicine foundations class and I knew that this was my calling.

What’s one piece of advice you give almost every client you meet?

In a world where waiting for a product/end result is becoming shorter and shorter, it's created a sort of impatience, a need for instant gratification, when it comes to seeing results. I tell my clients to give themselves time to see the results, allow time to teach them the lessons that need to be learned, and make time for themselves.

How do you choose to practice self-care?

It looks different according to where I’m in my cycle and the season. At the moment, self care looks like reading a good book by the fireplace, regular yoga/slow movement, regular treatments with the team, and having slow mornings.

What advantage do you think being a woman gives you in the health and wellness space?

I think women tend to have a natural maternal and caring instinct. This creates a very safe space for people to step into, and feel cared for and valued. Additionally in a very yang masculine energy dominated society, offsetting that effect with the feminine is so powerful in treatments.

What would you tell your younger self that you know now?

Lean into everything this medicine has to offer. It has and will continue to change your life and the lives of people around you. You are beautiful and worthy.

What makes you different from other healers?

Cliche, but I think everyone is different and has their own unique way of doing things. That’s what makes this medicine so great - there are many roads to the same destination. I’m different because I bring silliness into the treatment space to remind people not to take themselves too seriously. I also have a lot of life experience academically and practically that I bring to every treatment.

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