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To Gua Sha or to Jade Roll?

Because both of these tools have been all over the internet, everyone is asking which one should i use for my skin?

Well let me tell you.....

It's really really easy to know when to use each one and which one will be most useful at certain times for you specifically.

Gua Sha is for moving blood to the surface of your skin and promoting blood circulation not only throughout the muscles of your body and face but also for your skin.

This method has become really popular with giving you that absolute glow and keeping your skin hydrated and rejuvenated.

Best times to use this is when you first wake up in the morning, before putting on make up, when you feel tired and look tired.

Skin types: Dry, Oily, Dull, sallow complexions.

Jade Rolling is perfect for calming your skin down, reducing redness, puffiness, dark circles under your eyes, irritations or even rashes on the skin. Because of the jade stone's properties in nature it's always cooling on the skin.

Best time to use this is after a hot shower or bath, after a workout, a reaction to a chemical or food substance, waking up with puffy eyes, all the time if you have bags under your eyes.

Skin Types: Oily, Red flushed face and dark eyed complexion.

Both tools are incredible to use each day as they are so easy to use, last a lifetime (with a quality and real stone), require little effort and you gain big results on a daily basis.

What's not to love about these?

Give them a go and see which one you love more. Trust me it will be hard!

Happy Glowing!


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