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What Is Facial Gua Sha?

These are the easiest tools to rejuvenate the skin on a daily basis.

Facial Gua Sha has boomed since the 17th century of China.... Yes it's been around for that long and even longer than that and here is why.

What is Gua Sha?

"Gua" means to rub and "Sha" means scraping. Now this may sound a little intense when you see the word scraping. But all it means is to create blood movement which therefore creates a redness on the skin.

There are different types of shaped tools that are used to perform Gua Sha. Stone is most commonly used, especially Jade stone heart shaped like tool (picture shown above) is one of the most popular because of the jade stone's cooling properties. So when creating blood flow it's not going to be too warm on the body. Other types of Gua Sha tools are yak bone styles, crystals or ceramic spoons. Usually depends on the what the practitioner has been taught to use or likes to use.

Through the use of different kinds of Gua Sha tools, it is used to apply pressure and scrape the skin to relieve tension and pain. This method dates back to hundreds of years ago in China and was most popular for muscular tension and pain. It was also widely used by Chinese women for it's anti-ageing effects for the skin so they could stay looking younger for longer. Chinese women also loved doing Gua Sha as it created a nice blush look on their cheeks when they thought they looked dull when they got up in the morning.

Chinese women have been creating their own glowing skin for thousands of years using facial Gua Sha.

Now we can start to incorporate this Gua Sha method in to our daily routine to sustain and maintain healthier younger looking skin.

How it works.

How Gua Sha works on the body is that when applying pressure, blood is able to circulate and flow through "stagnated" or "stiff" areas of the body. This allow the promotion of blood flow to release tension faster and also bring in rich oxygenated blood to the muscles and skin surface.

Why it is so good for not only your muscles but also your Face.

Using this tool is not rough at all on the face, in fact it's ment to be a nice gliding process on the face to allow proper drainage. On the body it is ment to be a lot firmer to get in to the deeper muscles, but we don't want to do that on the face, we just want a nice glow!

When creating blood flow to the skin, we are able to create elastin and collagen faster with the help of more blood circulation. As we age it's natural for our collagen and elastin to decline over time due to our natural ageing process but it can also be due to lifestyle factors that can create a dull complexion also. This is why Gua Sha has become so popular because not only can it create collagen and plump up your skin for the day it can also reduce tension in your jaw that you may have due to life stresses!

Gua Sha's Primary Benefits for the Face.

- Drains toxins, bacteria and blackheads in to the lymphatic system to be eliminated.

- Reduces fine wrinkles

- Gives you amazing glowing skin like beyonce!

- Reduces Pigmentation

- Reduces large pores

- Hydrates & Rejuvenates the skin

- Can actually sculpt and tone the face (i always find this surprises me every time - but it works!)

Not only does it have all these benefits but it's also pain free, drug free and needle free.

The best time to do gua sha is on your face is first thing in the morning. When you may be feeling a little tired, sluggish or dull. This will instantly lift and brighten up your face for the whole day, yes i said the whole day!

It's also amazing to use when you feel congested, it can break up and blockages you may be having around the sinus's. And it will definitely give you a little more clarity when you feel foggy headed during these times. You will find that even after a plane flight how you feel yucky, doing gua sha on the face will instantly make you feel better. It will clear your mind, hydrate your skin and reduce the bags under your eyes from the flight!

And the all time favourite is using is just before you put on make-up. Your skin instantly soaks up your oil and moisturiser which creates a barrier for your skin and makeup. Because your skin is well hydrated it will therefore not need to soak up your make up, which allows your make up to stay on much longer and not have to apply as much either.

When you do Gua Sha on your face it's always a good idea to go and do a workshop or a tutorial. This way you are guaranteed to do the correct techniques for your face and not over do it and hurt yourself (meaning creating bruises!)

There will be a tutorial very soon on a "How to Gua Sha" very soon so you can reap the full amazing effects of Gua Sha and how easy and simple it is to get instant amazing glowing skin!

In all of the cosmetic treatments at Meraki tcm, Gua Sha is used on all patients to create hydration and circulation before needling. It's absolutely amazing!

Get your Glow on girl!

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