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Pre-Conception Health

So you want to fall pregnant?

You and your partner just say " let's just see how we go over the next few months "

*months go by*

And you start to wonder this may take a bit more work so you google asking " how do I fall pregnant?"

Many options appear like;

- Start taking a pre-natal vitamins

- Track your cycle *downloads period tracker app*

- Be healthy * How, what does this mean?*

- Consult your GP

More months go by and you're still not sure why you aren't falling pregnant......

This is a common theme that many women go through and I just want to say, you're not alone.

I see many women that come to see me for help to help them fall pregnant, balance their hormones and to help kick start their periods.

And I will give you a little insight in to how I use Chinese Medicine to help women with their health before conceiving.

Funnily enough Chinese Medicine doesn't look at falling pregnant in the same way western medicine does.

Sure you need to be ovulating, have a period and have sex right?

But there is more to it than that.

Chinese Medicine looks at how optimal your health is by seeing how well your Qi (energy), blood and essence is all flowing throughout your organs.

Sounds a little different right?

But it makes sense as you need a good amount of energy and blood to sustain your body and you need an optimal amount to hold another human life in you.

Chinese Medicine looks at pre-conception care is to be at your optimal vitality and balance.

Your organs also play a vital role in how well these substances run through the body, especially your Liver, Uterus, Heart, Spleen and Kidneys which are very important in Chinese Medicine as they work synergistically with each other to have a healthy cycle and a healthy baby.

In order for these to have a good balance there needs to be a well balanced life, food and movement.

For women things that are looked into a bit further to help with conceiving are:

- Cervical Mucous for optimal ovulation

- Any Gynaecological issues that need to be addressed such as PCOS, Endometriosis, ovarian cysts etc

- Stress, fatigue and Lifestyle concerns

- Vitamin + Mineral balance - such as; vitamin d, Iron, zinc levels and Iodine levels

- Gut Health and the Microbiome

- Detoxification and toxic load

- Sex and how often you are having sex

- Structural issues of the pelvic floor.

- Looking into the flow of the menstrual cycle

So you can see there is a fair bit we look into, but this gives us an understanding of your health and better ways to help you achieve optimal health accordingly.

For men we look at all the same things but also taking a step further into looking at the quality of the sperm which can be a big indicator of how their health is going:

What we look into for the sperm are;

- Sperm count

- The way the sperm looks and is structured

- Sperm motility

- Their integrity of their DNA

So when you and your partner are wanting to start trying for a baby, it takes two to tango! It's always a great to be on the health journey together to help optimise the health of both of you to increase your fertility chances and have amazing health for your future baby.

If you are thinking about wanting to have kids in the next two years then check out my online pre-conception primer program to help give you everything you need to know about getting healthy for pregnancy, optimising your health for your future baby and achieving a natural fertility


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