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The green smoothie that actually tastes good!

If you're really struggling to get in your green leafy vegetables numerous times a day told by your health professional (AKA Casey !) Then getting them through a smoothie can be an easy healthy option that will make you feel oh so good.

We all know that green smoothies are good for you. They are jam-packed with greens that bring in all the yummy vitamins essential for your body's health.

Blitzing them into a smoothie also means that you are getting the fibrous content that adds that extra benefit for your digestion and your bowels. When your digestion and bowels are happy so are you! Am I right?

I give this recipe out to many of my clients who are needing the extra nutritious boost or are needing the extra detoxing care if their health is feeling a little clogged up.

So all you need for this recipe is a good vitamizer and as organic as you can go with these ingredients.

👉🏻 2 handfuls of spinach

👉🏻 2 Lebanese Cucumbers

👉🏻 3 Cups of water

👉🏻 1 Lemon squeeze

👉🏻 2cm of fresh garlic

👉🏻 1 Apple

👉🏻 2 tbsp of Fresh Mint

👉🏻 2 tbsp of Fresh Coriander

👉🏻 3 Stalks of Cucumber

👉🏻 Quarter of an Avocado

Blitz all together and there you have a week's worth of daily green smoothies!

Extra hot tip - have this at room temperature as it's better for your digestion because your stomach loves to be warm! (especially if you are gut sensitive)

Happy greens lovelies


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