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Cracking the code on wrinkles - a Chinese medicine perspective

Ever wondered why the human face wrinkles in the way that it does? Why do the wrinkles develop in the exact spots they do? is it by default, or is it influenced by life circumstances? Well, read on to find out!

You have probably figured out by now that Chinese medicine is all about balance, synchrony between the yin and the yang. Your skin is actually no different. Your outer beauty is based on your inner balance. Forget all that you have heard about beauty and its ever-changing definition, the Chinese figured it out long ago; beauty begins from the inside out!

“ Your outer beauty is based on your inner balance.”

You Skin is the body’s largest organ and thus behaves like a huge canvas for which the body can tell its story. Most skincare issues are actually more internal than topical. When you have sufficient Qi, you inadvertently look fresh and healthy. Wrinkles, puffiness, sagging, and discoloration begin to appear when the body begins depletion of fluids, Qi, and essence. Part of this is the normal process of aging (nobody gets to stay young forever!), but with our modern lifestyle, a few other factors are also heavy contributors:

  • Stress & high-pressure living

  • Poor diets especially those high in processed foods ( aka junk food)

  • Smoking

  • Alcohol

  • Lack of enough sleep

Believe it or not, your face and its lines tell the story of your unique and beautiful life. Every met an old lady smiling from the bottom of her heart with gorgeous sparkling wrinkles? She’s telling her story. Her wrinkles are an expression of years spent garnering wisdom, experiencing life’s joys and sadness.

Below will explore what the various lines and wrinkles that develop on different parts of your face could mean:

  • Forehead Lines/spots: Forehead lines/furrows are associated with worry, shock, anxiety, and unresolved trauma. Over worry and anxiety can lead to the frequent raising of the eyebrows and a build-up of energy in the brow, which can then ‘freeze’ over time. Blackheads/spots around the temples and hairline are linked to the spleen and brain and could be a result of excessive cortisol (high-stress levels)

  • Crow Feet/ Joy lines: These are lines that form upwards from the corner of the eye, these lines reflect a person who knows how to laugh and smile a lot ( the real kind of smiling that involves the eye). These are happy wrinkles that tell your happy story and you don’t want to lose them! In other situations, these lines may get very deep and fixed, indicating tension and frustration.

  • Jaw tension/ Jaw Breakouts: A tight jaw may represent resentment, anger, and unexpressed emotions. These emotions result in energy blockages and need to be addressed and released. Teeth grinding is also reflective of this. Breakouts along the jawline and down into the neck can show that there is a hormonal imbalance and are linked to the gallbladder system, excess testosterone, too many fatty foods & alcohol.

  • Lip Lines: Upper lip lines are linked to smoking and damaging habits like eating disorders, they generally indicate an under-nourishment of self. These lines are associated with the stomach and this is the area connected to nurturing. If you have these lines a little self-pampering and dropping the bad habits asap should help you a load!

  • Frown Lines: These are deep lines or two that form between the eyes, they may simply represent a deep thinker, whose mind is always active. However, at a deeper level, they may indicate frustration and impatience with life.

  • Lines Under the Eyes: These are lines of grief, sadness, and loss, interestingly they tend to appear where tears would fall ( moving downwards from the eyes). These may go all the way down into the cheek indicating very deep grief.

  • Nose Lines: Nose lines develop across your nose. If these lines are deep and skin is droopy, its shows one who has experienced sadness and disappointment in their life and quite literally finds it hard to smile. They may also be linked to gut issues like sluggish digestion, slow bowels, and even IBS.

  • Mouth and lower cheek lines: A dropping mouth sometimes called jowls indicates grief, sadness, suffering, and anxiety. This may also be also influenced by the weakening of neck muscles which is common as people get into their 70’s.

There you have it, your own mini face map from which to read your story! Since aging is inevitable, it is a common reality that wrinkles will form, though we do have control of how soon and how fast they form. Simple things like meditation, acupuncture, some self-pampering will help you age slower.

At our clinic, we also offer Gua-Shua an ancient Chinese cosmetic procedure that not only improves blood circulation on your skin but also helps you achieve toned skin, boosting collagen and elastin to give you an instant glow. Another popular treatment is cosmetic acupuncture where we use fine needles at specific points on the face to promote circulation and movement of energy.

Come try it out!


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