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Oily Skin

In the skincare world, there are few things as frustrating as oily skin. Often times, the unwanted outer layers of oil on our body’s surfaces can be a direct result of the food we are putting into our bodies.

On the flip side, this means if we clean up our diets, we can clean up our skin.

Chinese medicine points to nutrition, Chinese herbs, controlling body temperature, holistic healing through acupuncture, and ancient skin care tools such as the jade roller to better human skincare and defeat oily glands on the surface.

To control oily skin, one must first identify the root cause.

Damp heat is a common cause of oil on the skin. This occurs when dampness accumulates in the body and combines with heat, resulting in the oil that makes skin shine more than we like it to.

Damp heat can be caused by inflammation, and inflammation caused by various foods we consume. Therefore, if we limit inflammation in our bodies, we limit the damp heat, and thus better our chances of maintaining oil-free skin.

Four main food culprits that lead to inflammation in the body include dairy, sodium, sugar, and white flour. Avoiding the consumption of these sources of food is a great first step toward clean and clear skin.

Alcohol, deep-fried foods, spicy foods, and caffeine are also overly heaty, and have proven to exacerbate inflammation in the body. Decreasing intake of these heat-inducing foods will also bode well for one’s skin.

Avoiding certain foods is not the only way to improve skin health, moreover. Taking proactive measures and consuming foods that directly influence skin for the better will also jump-start the elimination of unwanted oil.

Papaya, asparagus, turnips, adzuki beans, green tea, and herbs such as turmeric, oregano, and chaga are all food sources backed by traditional Chinese medicine known to increase skin health.

The combination of eating such beneficial foods and treating our bodies with useful tools such as acupuncture and the jade roller will undoubtedly make our skin happier than ever before.

The jade roller has been used by Chinese noblewomen for centuries. It promotes blood circulation in the face, eliminating bad qi in the body, and brightening skin without the annoyance of an oily shine.

Acupuncture, like the jade roller, promotes blood flow. The better the flow of blood through our bodies, the more balanced, less stressed, and less inflamed our bodies become.

Soothes the skin and reduces puffiness
Jade Facial Roller

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Improving nutrition and aiming for this well-circulating, balanced flow in the body can improve human skincare from the inside out.

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