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Tips on how to receive love

Roses are red, violets are blue – you need to be showing yourself some love too!

February is the quintessential month for all things love. Shades of red and pink flood shopping centres as we seek out goodies for our special Valentine. While it is often easy to spoil our loved ones a little extra during this time of the year, please do not forget to show some love to the most important one of all – yourself.

As simple as it may seem, practicing self-love is one of the toughest challenges. We are constantly our own worst critics, spewing negative self-talk, personal doubts, and comparison into our minds. Neglecting self-love can be harmful. It prevents you from reaching the best version of yourself and actually stunts how much love you can give to others. Learning to receive love allows us to spread love at our fullest.

Choose to Accept & Appreciate.

Comparison is the thief of joy. This is the absolute truth. Constantly comparing your life or situation to someone else’s is no way to live. Your life is beautiful – every twist and turn has made you the person you are today.

When thoughts of comparison begin to sneak into your mind, acknowledge them and then flip the script. Change the narrative and recognize all of the wonderful blessings in your life. Choose to be grateful and remind yourself just how lucky you are in your current situation. Appreciate your many blessings and accomplishments, as they could very well be somebody else’s greatest wish.

Speak Positively.

Negative self-talk is belittling – and, unfortunately, occurs far too often. Luckily, this is one conversation that we have the power to control. We have the power to bring positivity into the chat.

When negative thoughts arise, stop, and ask yourself: Would I talk to a loved one how I am talking to myself? Better yet, would I talk to my younger self this way? Probably not. Treat yourself how you treat someone you deeply care for, with kindness and optimism. You deserve words of love.

Commit To Yourself.

We all have that one friend who continually cancels plans at the last minute. Or perhaps a teammate who constantly gives up when they are needed the most. Both instances are terribly frustrating. Well, whether you recognize it or not, it is equally as confidence shattering when you are not following through with your own personal commitments – commitments aimed toward bettering yourself.

Every day you are building a relationship with yourself. Like with all relationships, trust and follow-through are the foundation. When you have a goal in mind for yourself, commit. Make it happen. Whatever your commitments are, be sure to honor them and put them at the forefront of your life. Respect your values as you would commit to respecting a friend’s values.

Nourish Your Mind & Body.

Your body is your home – and it needs to be nourished. From a fuel perspective, the food you eat should represent an act of self-love. Fill your body with the vitamins and nutrients it needs to work hard throughout the day. Make an effort to cleanse your body of toxins, filling it with water, tea, fruits, veggies, and grains. Eat the rainbow – your mood and energy levels will thank you!

Proper nourishment also includes what your mind is consuming. What are you watching, scrolling through, or listening to in your spare time? Is it truly benefiting you? It is easy to get swept away by social media or shows on tv, but most of the time this entertainment serves as just that… entertainment. Be conscious about what you are putting into your mind. Reaching for a book or an educational podcast in your downtime will nourish your mind, leaving you inspired, educated, and encouraged.

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