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Why You Need To Attend A Cacao Ceremony

Cacao ceremonies are bridging the gap between our love for cacao and our need for self-awakening.

We already know that consuming chocolate warms our heart with its absolute tastiness. But did you know that chocolate can also open our heart at a spiritual level?

Well, not chocolate in its most common, processed form – we are actually talking about cacao. Cacao is the purest form of chocolate. It is chocolate at its most raw, unfiltered form, harvested directly from a cacao tree. Cacao offers a less sweet, more bitter taste than regular chocolate – as well as a slew of health benefits.

So, how does eating cacao lead to a spiritual journey of self-healing and connectivity? Cacao ceremonies date all the way back to 1900 B.C. – during ancient Mayan and Aztec civilization times. While these ceremony structures have surely changed over the years, it is a ritual that is tried and true.

If you are ready to experience complete openness (with a side of cacao), a cacao ceremony might just be what you are looking to join!

What is a Cacao Ceremony?

Typically, a cacao ceremony is held with a group of people – a community. While the ceremony structure can vary from group to group, the agenda remains the same: to open one’s heart, experience creative awakening, and allow self-revelation. It is powerful. Throughout this journey toward awakening, time is spent focusing on setting intentions, praying, singing, and dancing. All of this is performed with the entire group – and is in good spirits, it is fun!

Wondering where the cacao comes into play? A ceremonial cacao drink is prepared for each individual in attendance. This drink resembles traditional hot cocoa, but tastes and performs significantly different. Drinking a cup of the cacao beverage allows you to go deeper into yourself.

In fact, cacao is known as being a “heart opener.” Theobromine is an ingredient within the cacao that essentially mimics caffeine. Unlike the stimulating, jittery effects that caffeine often brings, theobromine focuses on increasing blood flow into the heart. Really sending all focus and energy directly toward the core. The intense open feeling within the heart and body, matched with the rituals of the ceremony, allow individuals to experience depth. To achieve healing and comfort within the confinement of their heart.

What Can I Expect to Experience During a Cacao Ceremony?

Outside of the above traditional ceremony endeavors (singing, dancing, praying, reflecting), there are many other experiences that can occur during a cacao ceremony – both internally and externally.

- Cacao: There will be cacao – and lots of it (no complaints here!). Most typically, the cacao will be served in the form of a drink. Prior to consuming, there is typically a group-led prayer to bless the drink. This time is also spent learning more about the beverage – how it was prepared, the story of cacao, and the benefits of the drink.

- Intentions: As blood flow begins increasing, flowing toward the heart (and allowing openness), the ceremony leader will lead a group through guided meditations, partner exercises, and dance practices. All are geared toward the group’s intentions.

- Closed Chapters: During a cacao ceremony, there is typically a discussion about shared experiences within the group. Perhaps something that happened in each individual’s past. This past event is used to focus in on and bring forth awareness. Throughout the ceremony, thanks will be given to this life event, allowing for deep healing to take place – and new beginnings to present themselves.

- Creativity: Some people experience a burst of creativity during cacao ceremonies. This is not uncommon! The ingredients within cacao stimulate positive feelings, leading to inspiration and enhanced creativity.

- Love: Lastly, and most important of all, cacao ceremonies generate love. Your heart is open to new perspectives on life. You have developed a stronger connection to those around you as well as within – to your highest self. You are ready to promote compassion, share understanding, and experience more bliss in your life.

What Makes a Cacao Ceremony Special?

A cacao ceremony is a completely safe space. It is an opportunity for you to really let go of life’s chaotic twists and turns and take time to focus on your purpose. Reflect on your life’s journey. Heal from the past and open your arms to the future. Unify with the likeminded individuals around you who are focused on the same mission. Rejoice together in your spiritual connectivity – this powerful energy created will radiate throughout the group. There are few instances in life that allow for personal connectivity, mental freedom, and spiritual clarity – a cacao ceremony is one of those times! Cacao ceremonies are extremely special and worthwhile.

Curious to learn more about cacao ceremony benefits and offerings provided at Meraki Holistic Health? Contact us today!


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